Our funding comes from an increasingly broad range of donors including private individuals, philanthropists and family and other charitable trusts and foundations.

We would like to thank all who have supported CfA over the past year.  Last year we devised a number of recognition categories and to make it more fun than conventional labels we gave them names from the Classical world, a mixture of Greek and Roman which we hope will raise a smile.

We value each and every donor who supports the cause of bringing Classics into state schools.  We wouldn’t be where we are today without each one of you. A very big thank you for your role in helping us to develop CfA’s grant programme that so successfully enriches the education of increasing numbers of pupils in our state schools.

Our donors have enabled CfA to establish real momentum. Whatever your level of support all of us at CfA are profoundly grateful. The feedback from our growing number of schools, both teachers and pupils, brims with enthusiasm. Which means your money is being put to excellent use, and providing an ever stronger platform on which to recruit many more donors all the way from Centurions to Olympians.

Donor recognition list (2015-16)

Centurions (giving £100+)
(93 Anonymous)
Mr G R Abbott
Mr Richard A Anelay QC
Mr William Arnold
Mr Peter Attenborough
Mr Andrew Baker
Mr Richard Barber OBE
Sir David Bean
Mr Michael Bennett
Ms Camilla Bingham QC
Mr Jack Black
Mr Michael Blair
Mr Christopher Bond
Dr Angus Bowie
Sir Andrew Burns KCMG
Mr Godwin Busuttil
Mr Andrew Butler
Lord Carlile of Berriew CBE QC
Professor Paul Cartledge
Hon Lady Cazalet
Mr Michael Collett QC
Mr Philip Corser
Mr Edmund Craston
John and Jane Crawley
Mr Stephen Crew
Mr Diarmid Cross
Dr Armand D’Angour
Professor J A Davis
Mrs Mary Ruth Donaldson
Mr Colin Drummond OBE
Garth and Jools Eaglesfield
Professor R Fowler
Mr Jonathan Fowles
Mr Andrew Galloway
Professor Roger Green
Professor Barrie Hall
Mr Murray Hallam
Mr Richard Halsey
Mrs Carol M Handley
Professor Lorna Hardwick
Sir Launcelot Henderson
Ms Pauline Hire
Ms Sarah Jackson OBE
Rt Hon Sir Rupert Jackson
Sir Francis Jacobs
Miss Susan Jones
Ms Prue Leith
Ms Zoe Leventhal
Rt Hon Lord Justice Andrew Longmore
Mr Tom Lyon
Professor Herwig Maehler
Mr Robert T Magson
Mr Julian Manfredi
Colin McDonald
Mr Andrew Melville
Professor Judith Mossman
Mr Jonathan Neame
Miss Catriona Oliphant
Sir Geoffrey Owen
Mrs Alice Palmer
Mr Robert Parker
Christopher and Carole Patey
Mr Andrew James Peggie
Dr Peter Pickering
Mrs Isobel Pinder
Mr Ian Plenderleith
Mr Christopher Purvis CBE
Mr David Raeburn
Mr Stuart Rawson
Sir Stephen and Lady Richards
Dr Paula Ridley
Christopher Roberts
Susannah Ross
Professor Keith Rutter
Dr Jennifer Secker
Hon Sir Andrew Smith
Mr H K Smith
Professor Martin Ferguson Smith OBE
Professor A M Snodgrass
Mr R D Soames
Tom Stoppard
Sir Peter Stothard
Mr Mark Studer
Mr Mark H Tinsley
Dr Gail Trimble
Mr David Tristram
Mr Julian Peter Tunnicliffe
Mr Chris Wootton
Miss G Wright

Praetorians (giving £1,000+)
(19 Anonymous)
Nicholas and Diana Baring
Mr Alex Campbell
Mr Christopher A Clarke
Sir Anthony Cleaver
Mr Matthew Craston
Sir Nicholas Goodison
Dr Peter Jones
Matthew Lindsey-Clark
Henry King
Mr Philip Miles
Dr Frederick Mostert
David and Hilary Riddle
Justin Rushbrooke QC
Mr Charles Skinner
Mr Nick Viner

Senators 6 (giving £5,000+)
(2 Anonymous)
Nicholas and Sheena Barber
Lord and Lady Leach of Fairford
Mr Richard Oldfield
Tessa Smith

Consuls 3 (giving £10,000+)
(1 Anonymous)
Geoffrey and Caroline de Jager
Matti and Nicholas Egon

Trusts & Foundations (including family charitable trusts)

(2 anonymous)
The Hardingham Trust

(5 anonymous)
The Headley Trust
The Loveday Charitable Trust
The Troy Trust (Michael Beloff QC)

(1 anonymous)
John Coates Charitable Trust
The Stanley Foundation (Nicholas Stanley)

(1 anonymous)
Drapers’ Charitable Fund
The Linbury Trust
Stuart and Ellen Lyons Charitable Trust
The Mercers’ Company
The Sackler Trust

We would also like to acknowledge The Garfield Weston Foundation for their grant of £50,000 awarded for a three-year period, recognised as ‘Heroes’ in last year’s donor recognition list.