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Index of Reviewed Books 2016

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Recent Additions:
Harrison, S.J. Victorian Horace: Classics and Class
Heyworth, S.J. and Morwood, J.H.W A Commentary on Vergil: Aeneid Book 3
Woolmer, M. The Phoenicians
Adams, J.N. An Anthology in Informal Latin 200 BC – AD 900: Fifty Texts with Translations and Linguistic Commentary
Toíbín, C. House of Names

Alphabetical Listing (2017):
Adams, J.N. An Anthology in Informal Latin 200 BC – AD 900: Fifty Texts with Translations and Linguistic Commentary
Adler, E. Classics, the Culture Wars, and Beyond
Adrych, P., Bracey, R., Dalglish, D., Lenk, S. and Wood, R. Images Of Mithra
Anderson, M.L. Antiquities: What Everyone Needs to Know
Bernstein, N.  Seneca: Hercules Furens
Blocksidge, M. A.E. Housman: A Single Life
Bodard, G. and Romanello, M. (eds.) Digital Classics Outside the Echo-Chamber: Teaching, Knowledge Exchange & Public Engagement (Ubiquity 2016)
Borm, H., Mattheis, M. and Wienand, J. (eds.) Civil War in Ancient Greece and Rome: Contexts of Disintegration and Reintegration
Bowen, A.J. (ed.) Aeschylus: The Suppliant Women
Burns, K.S. and Duffy, W.S.S. (eds.) Ancient Women in Modern Media
Carandini, A. and Carafa, P. (eds.) (tr. by Calavais, A.C.) The Atlas of Ancient Rome: Biography And Portraits of The City
Caston, V. and Weineck, S-M. (eds.) Our Ancient Wars: Rethinking War through the Classics
Chadwick, A. 
Chrystal, P. Women at War in the Classical World
Cline, E. Three Stones Make A Wall: The Story of Archaeology 
Coffee, N. Gift and Gain: How Money Transformed Ancient Rome
Collard, C. and Morwood, J. (eds.) Euripides: Iphigeneia in Aulis (two vols., Introduction, Text and Translation; Commentary and Indices)
Curry, B. Homer’s Allusive Art
Davie, J. (tr.) with Introduction and Notes by Miriam Griffin Cicero: On Life and Death
Dakouri-Hild, A. and Boyd, M.J. (eds.) Staging Death: Funerary Performance, Architecture and Landscape in the Aegean
DiLuzio, M.J. A Place at the Altar: Priestesses in Republican Rome
Dakouri-Hild, A. and Boyd, M.J. (eds.) Staging Death: Funerary Performance, Architecture and Landscape in the Aegean
Emde Boas, E. van Language and character in Euripides Electra
Everitt, A. The Rise of Athens 
Flohr, M. and Wilson, A. (eds.) The Economy of Pompeii
Flower, M.A. (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Xenophon
Fögen, T. and Warren, R. (eds.) Graeco-Roman Antiquity and the Idea of Nationalism in the 19th Century
Gourlay, N.W. Hillard and Botting’s Latin Compendium
Graziosi, B. Homer
Halliwell, S. (tr.) Aristophanes: Frogs and Other Plays
Harrison, S. (ed.) Horace: Odes Book II
Harrison, S.J. Victorian Horace: Classics and Class
Haynes, N. The Childen of Jocasta
Herren, M. The Anatomy of Myth: The Art of Interpretation from the Presocratics to the Church Fathers
Heyworth, S.J. and Morwood, J.H.W A Commentary on Vergil: Aeneid Book 3
Hodgson, L. Res Publica and the Roman Republic: ‘Without Body and Form’
Horsfall, N. (ed.) Virgil: Aeneid 6: A Commentary (p/b edition)
Hunt, A. Reviving Roman Religion: Sacred Trees in the Roman World
Kaczko, S. Archaic and Classical Attic Dedicatory Epigrams: An Epigraphic, Literary, and Linguistic Commentary
Kenny, A. (2nd edition) The Aristotelian Ethics: A Study of the Relationship between the Eudemian and Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle
Kindt, J. Revisting Delphi: Religion and Story-telling in Ancient Greece
Korhonen, T. and Ruonakoski, E. Human and Animal in Ancient Greece: Empathy and Encounter in Classical Literature
Hughes, B. Istanbul: A Tale of Three Cities
Jew, D. Osborne, R, and Scott, M. (eds.) M. I. Finley: An Ancient Historian and his Impact
Jones, P. and Sidwell, K. Reading Latin: Grammar and Exercises
Jones, P. and Sidwell, K. Reading Latin: Text and Vocabulary
König, J., Oikonomopoulou, K. and Woolf, H. (eds.) Ancient Libraries (paperback edn.)
Latham, J.A. Performance, Memory, and Processions in Ancient Rome: The Pompa Circensis from the Late Republic to Late Antiquity
Licona, M.R. Why are there Differences in the Gospels? What we can Learn from Ancient Biography
Liotsakis, V. and Farrington, S. (eds.) The Art of History: Literary Perspectives on Greek and Roman Historiography
Malamud, M. African Americans and the Classics: Antiquity, Abolition and Activism
McKeown, J.C. (ed.) A Cabinet Of Ancient Medical Curiosities: Strange Tales and Surprising Facts from the Healing Arts of Greece and Rome
Minney, P. Crab’s Odyssey: Malta to Istanbul in an Open Boat
Mitsis, P. and Ziogas, I. (eds.) Wordplay and Powerplay in Latin Poetry
Moodie, E.K. (ed.) Plautus’ Poenulus: A Student Commentary
Nevin, S. Military Leaders and Sacred Space in Classical Greek Warfare: Temples, Sanctuaries and Conflict in Antiquity
Omrani, B. Caesar’s Footprints: Journeys to Roman Gaul
Paule, M.T.  Canidia, Rome’s First Witch
Raeburn, D. Greek Tragedies as Plays for Performance
Raffa, M. (ed.) Porphyrius, Commentarius in Claudii Ptolemaei Harmonica
Riess, W. and Fagan, G.G. (eds.) The Topography Of Violence In The Greco-Roman World
Roberts, J. (ed.) The Oxford Dictionary of the Classical World
Rogerson, AVirgil’s Ascanius: Imagining the Future in the Aeneid
Rosenblitt, J.A. E. E. Cummings’ Modernism and the Classics
Russell, T. Byzantium and the Bosporus: A Historical Study from the Seventh Century BC until the Foundation of Constantinople
Sanders, E. and Johncock, M. (eds.) Emotion and Persuasion in Classical Antiquity
Santangelo, F. (ed.) Approaching the Roman Revolution: Papers on Republican History (by Sir Ronald Syme)
Sanvito, P. (ed.) Vitruvianism: Origins and Transformations
Seaford, R. Wilkins, J. and Wright, M. (eds.) Selfhood and the Soul: Essays on Ancient Thought and Literature in Honour of Christopher Gill
Sider, D. (ed.) Hellenistic Poetry: A Selection
Sistakou, E. and Rengakos, A. (eds) Dialect, Diction, and Style in Greek Literary and Inscribed Epigram
Star,C. Seneca
Strootman, F. and Versluys, M.J. (eds.) Persianism in Antiquity
Swift, E. Roman Aretefacts and Society: Design, Behaviour and Experience
Swift, L. and Carey, C. (eds.) Elegy and Iambus: New Approaches
Swift, L. Greek Tragedy: Themes and Contexts
Talbert, R.J.A. Roman Portable Sundials: The Empire in Your Hand
Taylor, J. Latin Beyond GCSE (2nd Edition)
Teitler, H.C. The Last Pagan Emperor
Toíbín, C. House of NamesTomlin, R.S.O. Roman London’s First Voices: Writing Tablets From The Bloomberg Excavations 2010-2014
Tuori, K. The Emperor of Law: The Emergence of Roman Imperial Adjudication
Waters, M. Ctesias’ Persica and Its Near Eastern Context
Wilson, N.G. From Byzantium to Italy
Woodman, A.J. (ed.) The Annals of TacitusBooks 5 and 6
Woolmer, M. The Phoenicians
Wright, M. The Lost Plays Of Greek Tragedy: Volume 1: Neglected Authors

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