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Whatever happened at (and to) Delphi?
Tuesday 12 December 2017, 7pm

Whatever happened at (and to) Delphi?

Dr Michael Scott.

A Friends of Classics Memorial Lecture

The sanctuary site of Delphi in Greece became a UNESCO World Heritage site based on its 'ability to bring people - otherwise divided by material interest - together' crucially both in the past and in the present. Famously in the past people came to consult its oracle, but also to participate in its athletic and musical competitions, dedicate monuments to glorious deeds and marvel at the majesty of Apollo's sanctuary. How did this ancient Delphi work and how did its oracle maintain Mediterranean interest for over a 1000 years? Moreover, now that there is no oracle or games, how has the Delphi that has emerged from the ground over the past 150 years become an important location for bringing people together in the modern world too? And what might it continue to stand for in the future? 

Dr Michael Scott will deliver this talk on 'Whatever happened at (and to) Delphi?' as the second in an annual series of Friends of Classics Memorial Lectures.

The lectures put on by Friends of Classics were classed as seminars rather than monologues. The atmosphere was relaxed, and interruptions, objections and questions were welcome throughout, indeed encouraged. Bonus points were added for stumping the speaker. The Memorial Lectures will carry on in this spirit.

Michael is an Associate Professor in Classics at the University of Warwick, UK, specialising in ancient Greek and Roman history, art and archaeology. He was previously the Moses and Mary Finley Fellow at Darwin College, Cambridge and has taught in UK, Europe, US and Brazil. He has written a number of books on the ancients (From Democrats to Kings, Delphi, Ancient Worlds) and written and presented a wide range of TV and Radio programmes for National Geographic, History Channel, Nova (US), SBS (Australia) as well as for ITV in the UK and 10 series for the BBC (across BBC One, Two, Four and Radio Four). His most recent series in 2017 include Italy's Invisible Cities co-presented with Xander Armstrong (BBC One) and Sicily: Wonder of the Mediterranean (BBC 2). In 2015 he was made an honorary citizen of Delphi for his work in bringing this site to international attention.

Doors will open at 6.30pm and the talk will begin at 7.00pm. Wine and nibbles will follow.