Lawyers Group in support of Classics for All

In 2015 a Lawyers Group was established in support of Classics for All – it has now grown to 130 active members who contributed £27,000 to the charity in 2019.  For a small annual subscription the Group offers three events a year specifically for members of the Group.

Members of the legal world are invited to join by Lord Dyson and Sir Francis Jacobs KCMG QC: ‘We think that Classics for All will be of special interest to lawyers – and we include in that term judges, academics, practitioners, and not least law firms. There are many reasons why.  As well as the close historical connections between Rome, Latin and the law, we are confident that an education in classics will not only improve the quality of education generally, but will also improve the quality of written English, and indeed the quality of reasoning and argument – obvious values for lawyers in particular.’

We ask Lawyers Group members to pay £12.50 per month (£150 a year).  Those under 30 may opt to pay £6 per month (£72 a year). Many members opt to donate more on top of this, or to donate to (or sponsor) events that they attend. For more information about joining the group, read the invitation to join the Lawyers Group.

To subscribe, download the Lawyers Group subscription form.

The Lawyers Group is led by a Steering Committee of:
Sir Rupert Jackson (Chairman)
William Arnold
Davina Given
Sir Francis Jacobs, KCMG, QC (founding Chairman)
Dr Frederick Mostert
Jonathan Rushworth
Sir David Wootton

The Lawyers Group offers several free events during the year for its members.

2020 events include:

March 3rd: CfA 10th Anniversary Dinner, at Middle Temple, followed by a talk from Michael Beloff QC. Tickets £90 for this special event available here.

June 3rd: A talk by Professor Michael Scott hosted by Linklaters.

October 15: A moot trial of Boudicca, presided over by Lord Brian Kerr, at the Supreme Court.

Our 2019 events included talks by Professor Paul Cartledge, Emeritus A.G. Leventis Professor of Greek Culture on ‘Democracy and the rule of law’, with a brief response by Professor Jeffrey Jowell QC, as well as Rt Hon Sir Rabinder Singh on ‘Antigone’s law. You can read the transcript of this event here. Our program concluded with a moot trial of Lysistrata, presided over by Lady Arden at the Supreme Court and followed by testimony of teachers from Kelmscott School, Walthamstow, on their experience introducing classics into their school. Read a synopsis by Dr Peter Jones here.

Our 2018 Lawyers Group events included talks by Classics don John Davie on ‘Cicero the professional advocate’ and ‘Scottish independence under the Roman Empire’ by Sir Rupert Jackson, and a moot trial of Verres presided over by Lady Hale, President of the Supreme Court. Click here for a written synopsis of the trial, penned by Dr Peter Jones.

Our 2017 Lawyers Group events included a Spring Reception hosted by Lord Dyson, Rt Hon Sir Rupert Jackson on ‘Brexit in AD409 and modern parallels’, and a mock trial of Antigone at the Supreme Court, presided over by Lord Carnwath, Justice of the Supreme Court.

Our 2016 Lawyers Group events included Sir John Laws on oratory, Rt Hon Sir Rupert Jackson on on ‘Gods and Men: what on earth did the Romans believe in?’, and a mock trial of Brutus and his accomplices for the murder of Caesar at the Supreme Court, presided over by Lord Hughes, Justice of the Supreme Court. You can read more about 2016 events here.

Our 2015 Lawyers Group events included Lord Dyson on how a classical education has affected his life, Rt Hon Sir Rupert Jackson on ‘How Rome Ran Britain’, and a mock trial of Socrates at the Supreme Court, presided over by Lord Toulson, Justice of the Supreme Court. You can read more about 2015 events here.