Achievements and aspirations

Classics for All aims to meet the demand for Classics from state schools in 2017 and beyond, and at the same time to create a sustainable model by working with local partners to develop ‘regional hubs’.  Our recent successful models in Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle and Wales rely on commissioning a local ‘champion’ to get teachers from local schools involved in teaching Classics. This infrastructure is vital for Classics to effectively take hold in state schools. Classics for All acts as a partner to provide training funds for schools where appropriate, and to help these hubs make links with other potential funders or teaching resources.

We begin 2017 with two major initiatives for our grant giving: increasing the number of primary schools we reach, and expanding the number of schools teaching Ancient Greek in schools across the UK.  These programmes received substantial multi-year funding in early 2017 from The Polonsky Foundation (£60k) and the A. G. Leventis Foundation (£90k) respectively.

Classics for All is working to create a step change in the funding available for classics in UK state schools.  In order to do this we need to increase our ranks of supporters to match the increased demand from schools.

The story so far

Since our first grant award in 2011 we have awarded a total of over £700,000 in grants reaching 660 schools, benefiting more than 35,000 pupils.

Have a look at what we’ve been getting up to.


Ab initio

We’re established as a charity and we raise £150,000 in our first year.


Alea iacta est

We begin our first grant awards. We award eight grants totalling £93,000 (four school hubs, two universities, one museum and one organisation).


Dona ferentes

We award our second round of grants totalling £65,000 and within the first two years we reach 50 schools.


In medias res

We award our third round of strategic grants of £30,000. By now we are reaching 100 schools.

CfA is also selected to lead a consortium commissioned by the Greater London Authority through its London Schools Excellence Fund (LSEF) for a £250,000 project to retrain non-classicist teachers in east and north London (2013-15).

We also host several funding events. In June, we host a lecture at Goodenough College in London by Dr Paul Roberts, curator of the British Museum’s ‘Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum’ exhibition

In October, we host a ‘Classics in the City’ event at the Honourable Artillery Company.


Ius et potestas

Our fourth round of grants totalling £130,000 increases our reach to 200 schools.

We also host several funding events. In March, we organise a concert with world-renowned cellist Ralph Kirshbaum at Middle Temple Hall.

In September we organised a City group event at London’s Living Room, City Hall, hosted by Mayor of London, Boris Johnson


Ad astra

Our fifth round of grants totalling £150,000 increases our reach to 300 schools. We also begin developing the Regional Classics Hubs.

We host several funding events.

In March, we launch an event at Two Temple Place for our new Lawyers Group, hosted by Lord Dyson, Master of the Rolls, followed by events at the House of Lords and the UK Supreme Court.

In April, we host a lecture at Goodenough College in central London by Dr Ian Jenkins, curator of the British Museum’s ‘Defining Beauty’ exhibition.



Our fifth round of grants totalling £200,000 increases our cumulative reach to 500 schools.

Our Regional Classics Hubs now cover 9 areas across the UK.

Tom Holland gives an inspiring talk for our Annual Lecture.

Friends of Classics merges with CfA and we inaugurate the Friends of Classics Memorial Lecture with Dr Peter Jones.

The Lawyers Group grows to over 100 members and holds events at Middle Temple, King’s College and the UK Supreme Court.