An afternoon at the Kallos Gallery

David Hogg is an English teacher at Kelmscott Secondary School, which received a Classics for All grant in 2012. As part of the classics programme, a group of 21 students visited the Kallos Gallery in central London. He told us how the pupils got on.

‘One of the most memorable of trips we have taken as part of our grant from Classics for All and our involvement with Capital Classics was to the Kallos gallery in Mayfair in 2014. We took 21 pupils who had the full range of ability and English (I took a Romanian translator with me so that 3 of our pupils would understand better what was going on). The pupils had a unique and unforgettable experience.

They handled 3000-year-old gold bracelets, were given personalised teaching and a lunch that included service. This project has not just given my pupils access to an education, it has shown them a side of life that they would have even less access to.’

Kallos Gallery is an incredible outreach resource based in London. They offer bespoke sessions (approximately three hours in length) for up to 12 students over the age of 11 years old (and their accompanying teachers) tailored to the requirements of different schools and different age ranges.

Examples include seminar-style sessions for older students to practise their research skills in our well-stocked library, and artefact handling and mythology for younger students. We can also offer talks and artefact handling in your school if distance makes a visit to the gallery impossible. They are very open to new ways of providing outreach and enrichment so if you have an idea then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Kallos was founded by Baron Lorne Thyssen-Bornemisza in 2014 and showcases outstanding pieces of ancient Greek art.


For more information, please contact: Paul O’Mahony (Director of Education and Outreach) at