St Marylebone pupils embrace the Classics

The Classics Department at St Marylebone started 6 years ago with approximately 12 students in Year 8 taking Latin (only 4 of those were on-timetable), and Classical Civilisation as an AS and A2 Level option (there were approximately 15 students in each of those classes).

Over the last 6 years we have grown to have Latin available all the way up to GCSE and A Level, and the whole of Year 8 (150 students) now studies Latin on-timetable, on a shared timetable with Philosophy.

Our AS and A2 Classical Civilisation classes have grown immensely over the years and we currently have 25 students in Year 12 choosing Classics as an AS option.

There were more who signed up for it but had to be turned away due to over-subscription!

We have run three 6th Form trips to Greece, as well as an extra trip for five Year 13 students in June-July 2015 to take part in the Excavations in the Agora in Athens.

We have also started to offer Ancient Greek as an extra lesson once a week for 6th Form, just for fun.

Having started with just one member of staff and a few periods from other non-specialists, we now have two full-time members of staff, who are subject specialists.

We have linked up with King’s College London to offer Teacher Training Placements for PGCE students, and have recently started working with Classics for All to develop St Marylebone as a Latin Hub, to offer training and support to non-subject specialists who would like to teach Latin in their schools.

We look forward to continuing to grow the provision of Classical subjects at St Marylebone.

Mrs A. Bell
Head of Classics (Latin and Classical Civilisation)
St. Marylebone Church of England School