Latin at Harris Academy Battersea

Latin at Harris Academy Battersea

Over 400 students in Years 7, 8 and 9 study Latin at Harris Academy Battersea. We have been really impressed that the majority of our students in all year groups are embracing Latin, and many of them have shown an interest in developing their understanding of the Ancient World. It is very heartening seeing students from all backgrounds, with very different educational needs thriving and enjoying the challenge. One of our students in Year 8, who struggles at times with literacy and processing of information, absolutely loves Latin and in his first assessment obtained a fantastic score of 82%. He also decided to Romanise his name.

Many of our students in Year 8 have already expressed an interest in choosing Latin as an option for Year 9 and hopefully we can maintain the levels of enthusiasm throughout the year and have a fair few students joining us for GCSE Latin.

Our Year 9 students began Latin in a club last year and have continued this year. These students were very excited at the prospect of being the first ever to take Latin at the school. We have been really impressed with their ability and their enthusiasm, and both myself and my colleagues are convinced that they are considerably better at Latin than we were at their age.

In short, we are delighted with the development of Latin at the school and are convinced that it can be a massive success here.

Lucas Griffith-Wilkin
Teacher of Classics