Latin and Classics in Bradford

“Dixons Trinity is the first school in our Multi Academy Trust (MAT) of nine schools to champion classics on the curriculum. Following support from Classics for All in 2015, we were able to offer a Latin course to 75 pupils at Key Stage 3 and had 5 students opt for Classical Civilisation GCSE. Numbers are increasing, and we have 11 students studying the GCSE course in Year 9 out of a year group of 112.

In 2016 we expanded Classics to Dixons Music Primary School and Year 4 began the Minimus Latin course with Classics for All support and a grant from the Minimus project towards textbooks.  Our students have seized the opportunity to study a subject that no other state school in the city can offer, showing a real desire to learn more about the Romans and the Greeks; they particularly enjoy exploring and analysing the visual and material artefacts we study as part of the new OCR Classical Civilisation course.

We are now in our third year of CfA support, teaching Latin to two Year 4 classes, and the previous cohort have continued to study Latin in Year 5.  Students have reported a better understanding of challenging vocabulary and enjoy using words derived from Latin in their writing.  Recently a student included the word “pulchritudinous” in a written piece about a duck, which some may argue is taking it too far!  However it does show students have a hunger to expand their vocabulary, and they take a real joy in learning new and interesting words to improve the precision and level of vocabulary of their written work.

Following the success of Classics at Dixons Trinity, we are now working to introduce Latin GCSE at our school, and also to introduce Latin and Classical Civilisation in more schools across the MAT.” Lucy Hall, Classics Teacher