Latin at St Gabriel’s College

Saint Gabriel’s College, Camberwell

Saint Gabriel’s College is a Church of England co-educational comprehensive secondary school in Lambeth. We are a small inclusive school with just under 500 students from a great mix of faiths, races and nationalities. We prepared ourselves for the start of Latin by introducing a Classics Club last year for Year 7s to get to grips with aspects of Roman and Greek culture.

This year at Saint Gabriel’s College we began regular Latin lessons for Year 8 and 9 with the eventual goal of taking Latin GCSE in two years. As a state school with little previous experience with Latin Classics for All has been very important, helping us to build up an entire curriculum from scratch. We have made space for Latin by making lessons a regular afterschool club for the most linguistically able students. This has allowed us to use resources we normally couldn’t use in a classroom, for example all students have access to a laptop which allows us to use Kahoot or Memrise as a class. Latin has provided an opportunity to challenge the brightest of our students intellectually, whilst also creating a social space for students who can often struggle in the social world of a normal classroom. In this way, Latin has found a specific niche within our school and its introduction has already had a noticeably positive effect on the students involved.

Nick Stevens

Humanities Faculty Support Assistant