Leeds Secondary School Enhances Pupils’ Knowledge with Classics

Before receiving support from Classics for All, classical subjects had never been taught at Allerton Grange School. It is now the only state school in Leeds to teach Classical Civilisation at GCSE and one of three sixth-forms to offer it at A-level.

Here you can read what those involved have to say: Gemma Williams (teacher) “I was lucky enough to attend a state school in Halifax where we were taught Classics and Latin throughout Key Stage 3 as well as at GCSE and A-level. It’s so sad that Classics has become restricted to the privileged few who can afford a private education or attend a school in an affluent area. I strongly believe that classical subjects should be accessible to students from all backgrounds and this was what led me to propose to our school leadership team that we introduce Classics at Allerton Grange School. I’m absolutely overjoyed that we will be able to offer students the opportunity to study Classics from September!”

Mike Roper (Headteacher) “The study of Classics provides students with a truly aspirational opportunity to learn Leeds Secondary School Enhances Pupils’ Knowledge with Classics Students from Allerton Grange a rare subject  which allows them to understand a fascinating era of history, as well as gaining a developed understanding of culture and society. We are really excited to be one of the only schools in Leeds to offer Classics.”

Ibrahim Islam (Student) “Classics is an important aspect of my school life. It’s something I have always wanted to study but did not think I would have the chance. Since starting weekly sessions before school my interest in Classics has peaked. I am really glad that it has become available at school and I hope to further my education in Classics by studying it at A-level.”

Arghya Chakrabarty (Student) “Classics provides me with an invaluable opportunity to learn about events that have, and will, influence human history. Classics is a rich subject, concerning two of the greatest civilisations to have ever existed. Understanding even the fundamentals of the subject will open doors to understanding more about culture, media, language, science and even modern history and attitudes in society. Offering it at Allerton Grange will not only spark interest in the subject but make for more genuinely knowledgeable students.”

Lily Baxter (Student) “Classics is incredibly interesting: we learn about an entire era of culture and language that is bypassed in the modern day history curriculum. It enhances my knowledge and understanding of history and the modern world as much of our society draws parallels to the ancient world.”

Allerton Grange in Leeds is a thriving, all ability, multicultural school with 1,500 students aged 11-18. The Leeds Classics Network is supported by Classics for All thanks to a grant from Didymus.