Mega Greek at Grove Park Primary School

This past term, Year 5 pupils at Grove Park Primary School in Chiswick have been studying Mega Greek. The whole class have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the language, researching the alphabet and learning about the etymology of modern day words. Alongside each session is a cultural segment, which has ranged from an ‘unbelievable truth style’ game about Olympic Lying (complete with theme tune ‘borrowed’ from the Radio 4 show!) to creating clay acroterions and soaring Icarus flyers.

The pupils are guided by a different Greek God / prominent figure in Ancient Greece which has piqued their interest and led the children to research stories of the many Gods and Goddesses. As a result of participating in the work, Year 5 have explored other areas of the curriculum, creating Greek shields and designing graphic novels based on Imogen and Isabel Greenberg’s text ‘Athena’ and Marcia William’s ‘Greek Myths’.

I hope you enjoy the photos of what we got up to. We very much look forward to continuing this work next year, further establishing the subject and embedding it in the curriculum.

Richard Charlesworth

Year 5 Class Teacher