Primary Latin in Peckham

Camelot Primary School, Peckham

Latin at Camelot has had an exciting start with children from Year Three to Year Six having the opportunity to develop their language skills and learn about ancient culture through Maximum Classics. Some passionate Key Stage Two children have also attended our Ancient Greek and Latin Guild, an after school club where they used the Mega Greek course to learn about Homer’s epic The Iliad.

Three Year Six students Darek, Marlon and Victor or to use their Roman names, Varius, Primus and Albus spoke about their experience with learning Latin this year. “I really enjoy Latin because you get to learn about life back then as well as understanding the roots of so many words in English. As I get older it will help me with learning different languages. I’ve been in England a long time and Latin helps me link my language (Spanish) to English,” said Varius. Albus continued with “I feel like understanding Latin is going to improve how I live because I will have a better understanding of language and its history”. Primus agreed with the impact that learning Latin could have on his future “I would like to learn more about Classics at University . . . especially if you get to learn more about Roman and Greek gods!”

After the training provided by Charlie Andrew through Classics for All, teaching staff felt confident and eager to begin teaching Latin at Camelot and it has quickly become a regular part of the weekly curriculum. We are now looking forward to the next steps and opportunities that teaching Classics at our school will bring our children and staff.

Danielle Graves

Assistant Headteacher