The Classics for All Centurions campaign  

Pupil in Roman Army helmet

Classics for All has a number of recognition categories to honour our donors, and to make them more fun we have given them names* from the classical world, a mixture of Greek and Roman. But we never forget that it was the Centurions who formed the backbone of the Roman army! We welcome newcomers as well as veterans to help champion the case for classics in state schools. As a Centurion donor you give between £100-299; as a Centurion Maximus you give £300-999.

We give our Centurions regular updates on our news and events, access to event booking in advance of the public. See here for our list of 2019 Centurions, including Tribunes who from 2020 are joining our Centurion Maximus category.

Centurion donations support our programme in the following ways:
•    £100 could provide resources for up to six pupils
•    £150 could contribute to an enrichment activity for primary or secondary school pupils
•    £500 could support us to run a taster day to make the case for classics with non-specialist teachers and leadership teams
•    £750 could cover a primary school teacher training day with follow-on mentoring to equip non-specialist teachers to teach classics

How else might you help the Centurions campaign?
THE CHALLENGE: If we can build an army of a thousand Centurions, together we will be able to make even more impact on the lives of state school children across the UK. We always welcome new members to our troop, so please help spread the word – with a current starting point of 330, our goal is to increase our ranks to 500 by the end of this year, and 1,000 within five years!

If you have ideas to share, or questions about our Centurions campaign, please contact Alice at

* Further donor recognition levels: Praetorians (£1,000 to £4,999 a year), Senators (£5,000 – £9,999 a year), Consuls (£10,000 – £24,999 a year), Heroes (£25,000 – £99,999 a year) and Olympians (more than £100,000 a year).