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Get Involved

Your donation makes a difference!

We award start-up funding to schools, who commit to continuing to teach Classics after the 2-3 years of the CfA grant. Our funds are raised via private donations which are swiftly deployed as grants of a few thousand pounds per school.

We monitor carefully and measure the difference our grants make. In the face of greatly increased demand, we need to raise more funds to capitalise on our strong start. Where does your donation go? Our grants fund the training of non-Classicist teachers and the costs of supply teachers to cover the lessons of trainees. CfA grants have boosted academic achievement and inspired an enthusiasm for Classics: pupils both enjoy and gain from the subject.

What evidence do we have of how effective our grant giving is?

The number of enrolled schools doubled from 50 in 2013 to 100 now and is projected to double again in 2015. Applicants must commit to continue teaching Classical subjects after the grant period, and all the schools funded so far have continued to teach Classics.

Grants are good value, getting a school started for a few thousand pounds; they are monitored to ensure that schools fulfil their commitments.

What makes Classics unique is the subject matter: it expands minds, encourages a love of learning, and helps children and young people develop critical thinking. we want to enable as many state school pupils as possible to have the opportunity to experience and study Latin, Ancient Greek, Classical Civilisation and Ancient History.

Making a gift to Classics for All is simple. The difference it makes through opening up a whole new world to pupils lasts a lifetime.