Classics for All would like to thank everyone who participated in the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2017 – we are thrilled to announce that in less than 72 hours we (or rather, our generous donors) raised our target of £30,000! This has now been matched, and our Londinium Magnificum project can now get underway to reach 120 primary and secondary schools (in London and the south east) over the next two years.

We chose London for this – our first ever – fundraising campaign because it was the only area that required such a substantial input of funds to cover such a wide and populous area.

However, many other parts of the UK need your support, so I hope you will consider giving us a donation that will go towards funding requests we have received from schools in Cornwall to Edinburgh. Demand for support to introduce Classics has risen considerably this year which is fantastic news. However, we are struggling to keep up and need more funds coming in to meet every school’s request.

Classics can be a game-changer for pupils in state schools. Our work is sustainable and cost-effective. It costs as little as £600 to train teachers from a primary school to teach Latin and between £1-3,000 to start up Classics in secondary schools. Once trained, schools continue to teach Classics without support from CfA, ensuring that any investment has a lasting impact.

Our short term goal is to reach 1,000 schools by 2020 so that we can extend the horizons and raise the aspirations of 20,000 more pupils.

Please visit our DONATE page to make a general donation and help us reach pupils across the UK.