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We welcome you to make a donation of any size, and we have specifically named donor categories from £100 pa to £100k pa (see below for more detail on this and ways to donate). All current donors are eligible for priority booking to our fundraising events.

This year we are asking our supporters to consider the value of a longer term commitment to Classics for All. Building on what we already have in place, in the coming year we are looking for 1,000 donors to give £100 each year, 100 donors to give £1,000 per year, and a few to give even more substantial commitments. On a longer term basis we encourage you to consider leaving a charitable gift in your will.

For a reminder of why you should support Classics for All, please click here.

We have devised a number of recognition categories for our donors, and to make it more fun than conventional labels we have given them names from the classical world, a mixture of Greek and Roman appellations which we hope will raise a smile. We do encourage you to set up regular giving, which you can do on the link below.

Centurions £100 and over 
£300 and over
£1,000 and over
£3,600 and over
£5,000 and over
£10,000 and over
£50,000 and over
£100,000 and over

For more information, please feel free to call Jules Mann, our executive director, on 07809 256839 or send an email to

Direct Debit

Please click on the link below to set up a regular direct debit donation.

Direct debit donations

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Please click on the link below for the form to access BACS details or to print out and send a cheque by post.

Classics for All Donor Form 2017

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