The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2018

We have reached our match funding goal – with Gift Aid added on we raised a total of £102,028.75.  A big thanks to all 220 of you who contributed!

We welcome any additional (unmatched) donations towards putting Classics into more state schools in the Midlands and North East. Donations can be made here.

A few words from donors who’ve been in touch…

We’ve had a donation from Jane Shuttleworth who also Tweeted “My son is one of those pupils in the North East who you’re supporting, and we’re immensely grateful that he has been given this opportunity to study Greek.”

Helen Quinn has made a donation in memory of her dad Trevor Quinn who died a year ago. He was a Classics lecturer for many years at Manchester University and in the 1970s started one of the first summer schools for Greek (about the same time as the JACT one) with the aim of increasing access to the study of Classics for state school pupils.

Sarah Drew wrote: “I have just made a donation to your fund-raising.  It’s in memory of my grandparents, who met in the Classics department at Glasgow University in the 1920s.  And in memory of my parents, who met in the Classics department at Glasgow University in the 1950s.  And it’s for my husband, whom I met in the Classics department at Glasgow University in the 1980s.”

We’d also like to thank the online classics community who have been so supportive in helping to get the word out about our cause.

Our Classics Challenge 2018 was to raise £45,000 from the public

This year, our mission was to bring Classics to three regions – East Midlands, West Midlands and the North East – with an aim to reach 72 schools in areas where there is little Classics provision.  We needed to raise £45,000 from the public to do this, which would be matched by £45,000 from our generous pledgers and Big Give Champion (The Reed Foundation).


Thanks to all who participated last year in the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2017, we were able to reach our target of £30,000 in less than 72 hours for our Londinium Magnificum project. This project is now on course to reach 120 primary and secondary schools (in London and the south east) over the next two years.