Ancient Greek at Key Stage One and Key Stage Two

Mega Greek

Interest in Classical civilisation and languages is growing in the state sector, with many primary schools teaching Ancient Greece and Rome as topics, and with the inclusion of Latin and Ancient Greek as languages in the MFL curriculum.

Backed by funding from Classics For All, the Mega Greek course has been developed to give pupils from Years 4-6 the opportunity of learning the Ancient Greek language, as well as discovering how its culture permeates the modern world. The course is designed to be taught by incumbent school staff following one day’s training, with all plans and materials available online.

Mega Greek is a course with several aims:

  • to allow the teaching of Ancient Greek by teachers with no previous
    experience of the language
  • to support KS2 English literacy skills by increasing vocabulary with
    etymological links to Ancient Greek
  • to be engaging, enjoyable, and accessible to all abilities through games
    and creative activity
  • be a relevant and enjoyable pathway for pupils to Classical language,
    history and culture, either as part of topic work or in its own right

Each lesson consists of both language and cultural components

Language work focuses on

  • reading and using the Greek alphabet
  • understanding the formation of Greek verbs and nouns
  • identifying Ancient Greek roots in modern English words

Cultural work examines the links between Ancient Greece and the modern
world in the fields of

  • art & architecture
  • entertainment & sport
  • maths & science
  • philosophy

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