Latin at Key Stage One and Two

Classics For All offers training and support for all of the below courses.


Minimus is a two-book reading course for pupils aged 7-11. As well as learning Latin, students learn about the lives of Romans and Britons living on Hadrian’s Wall. Books can be bought from Amazon or Cambridge University Press: (

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Maximum Classics

Maximum Classics is a free, online course that teaches foundation Latin and Classical civilisation, designed specially for non-specialist Key Stage 2 teachers. It focuses, too, on English literacy and encourages cross-curricular thinking.

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Hands Up

Hands Up’s Primary course is a free online introduction to Latin and the ancient world through the exploration of life in Herculaneum. Learning is supported with archaeological evidence, audio files and worksheets.

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Legonium offers the chance for Key Stage 2 pupils to learn Latin through colourful and engaging Lego
tableaux. The treasure trove of a site also contains, amongst other things, a read-through of the
Aeneid, The Hobbit in Latin, classroom posters and cultural information.

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