Latin at Key Stage Four

The following links offer a wealth of material for the teaching of Latin at Key Stage 4 and GCSE. Classics For All offers grants to support the deployment of diverse materials best suited to the aims of individual schools.

The Cambridge Latin Course

A popular five-book course leading to Latin GCSE which is also well-supported online with games, exercises and e-books.


The Cambridge Latin Anthology

Interactive versions of prescribed GCSE texts, along with useful notes and links.


Cyber Caesar

An online, subscription-based Latin course.


The Classics Library

An online forum for Classics teachers, including a valuable resource area.


Online revision resources

Sites such as Memrise and Quizlet have many courses set up to aid classroom and home learning.



A reliable and clear online Latin dictionary.


OCR specification

Details of the OCR 9-1 Latin GCSE specification.


Eduqas specification

Details of the Eduqas 9-1 Latin GCSE specification.