Grants and support for schools

The Electra Programme:

Supporting Ancient Greek in state schools

In 2017, thanks to a generous grant from the A. G. Leventis Foundation, we launched our Electra Programme. This a project that aims to support the teaching of Classical Greek in 30 state primary and secondary schools over the next three years.

The study of Ancient Greek language and culture has long been considered a privilege for the few, not the many, but this picture is changing: the study of ancient languages is now part of the KS2 languages curriculum and a growing number of schools across the country are choosing to teach Greek at both primary and secondary level. We have now introduced Ancient Greek into over 40 state schools across the country, many of which are in areas of deprivation. As a result, over 700 pupils are now learning Greek in clubs and classes at both primary and secondary level.

Studying Ancient Greek can:

  • enrich pupils’ study of the Greeks and Romans as part of Key Stage 2 History curriculum;
  • promote cross-curricular approaches to the teaching of PSHE, citizenship, science, maths, design and technology, geography and the arts;
  • enhance pupils’ cultural literacy: classical mythology forms the bedrock of much modern art and literature, and is constantly reworked in theatre and in the visual arts, film and pop-culture;
  • support English literacy by enhancing grammatical understanding and providing insight into the origins of words, their spelling and the meaning of prefixes and suffixes;
  • scaffold language learning for pupils performing below age-related expectations, or pupils with English as an additional language;
  • stretch and challenge the most able students;
  • complement modern foreign language learning at primary and secondary level.

Greek in Cambridge

Our latest short video highlights the positive impact that Ancient Greek lessons are having in two Cambridge schools that are funded through the Electra Programme – Parkside Community College and St Matthew’s Primary School.

We are looking to find state schools that are interested in developing the teaching of Greek, either as a club or on the mainstream curriculum.

As part of the Electra programme, we will also be identifying ‘centres of excellence’ – i.e. state or independent schools where Greek is already taught – that could serve as a model for others or could provide support to teachers and students who are new to Greek.

We can provide free training and support for schools interested in introducing Greek, and we will also be developing additional resources to support the teaching of Greek at both primary and secondary levels.

If you are interested in participating in this funded project or would like to find out more, please contact Hilary Hodgson, the Grants and Programmes Director at Classics for All (