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Guide to setting up classics

Most of the schools that apply for CfA funding are new to classics. We have commissioned a guide on how to get started, written by Steve Hunt, a university lecturer in Classics Education at Cambridge and classics teacher.

We know that teachers need advice on courses, resources and training as well as tips on how to make the argument for classics in the face of competition from other subjects in a crowded curriculum.

You will find it useful if you are considering setting up a classics programme in a primary school. In section 2 common questions are answered:

Why is classics relevant for primary school pupils? Is it accessible for all pupils?

The primary school curriculum is very crowded. How would I fit classics in?

I don’t know where to start. What classics resources or course materials are available for primary school teachers?

I have no qualifications in classics. What training is available and how much does it cost?

You will find it useful if you are considering setting up a classics programme in a secondary school. In section 3 common questions are answered:

How can I make a case for classics in state secondary schools?

Can you give me a brief idea of the main courses available?

How do I get courses up and running if there is no-one qualified to teach classics? Is there training and post-training support or mentoring available?

We have limited budgets for training and CPD; is there any free support out there?

Can you refer me to other teachers who have got classics up and running in my area?

It also includes a section on the importance of classics in education and some statistics on classical subjects in schools and universities.

Here is the guide to setting up classics in schools.

For more resources, including multimedia, look at this guide to teaching classics in schools.