Blackpool Sixth Form College

Awarded £1550 Grant

2019, £820

A grant of £820 to support Minimus training for teachers from three schools (Norbreck Primary and Armfield Academy on the 12th March and Stanley School on the 21st March).

2019, £900

A grant of £900 to support schools in the Blackpool area introduce and maintain the teaching of Classics.

2018, £400

A grant of £400 to support training and resources for four schools in Blackpool.

2017, £2,350

A single grant of £2,350 to support the introduction of Latin at two more local primary schools; Blackpool Gateway Academy and Westcliff Primary School. A provision of resources given later in the year.

2016, £1,550

A single grant of £1,550 to introduce Classical Civilisation clubs in 2 primary and Latin in 2 secondary schools reaching 80 primary and 60 secondary school pupils