Classical Association of Scotland

Awarded £15900 Grant

2018-2019, £15,900

A grant of £15,900 to support the continued co-ordination of the network over the coming year. This will support the continued work of Co-ordinator Alex Imrie (the increased funding amount reflecting a minimum time commitment of 2 days per week, but a real-time commitment of more); the balance will support training and events. The introduction of Latin language into the primary setting will continue to form a key pillar in the national agenda in 2018-19.

2018, £1,000

A grant of 1,000 to support the devising of Classics course materials for teachers teaching pupils in the Broad General Education and certificate phases of Scottish Education.

2018, £8,000

A grant of £8,000 to support a strategy for increasing take up of Classics across Scotland including the costs of the Classics Network Coordinator.

2018, £5,430

A grant of £5,430.00 to support the introduction of a 10-week Latin and Classics course to 10 primary schools in East Glasgow with over 400 pupils.

2017, £8,000

A grant of £8,000 to support the establishment of the Scottish Network and exploration of potential schools.