Greig City Academy

Awarded £14050 Grant

2016, £4,000

Greig Academy in North London has recently added GCSE Latin to its curriculum, following the introduction of a Latin Club in 2014. The single grant of £4,000 will support a new primary Classics course, blending language, history and cultural study to be piloted in 3 primary schools in North London with 150 pupils.


2016, £3,400

A single grant of £3,400 to develop and pilot a new Classics course for Key Stage 2 students in 3 North London primary schools that will be rolled out more widely.


2014, £6,650

Funds will support an after-school/holiday Latin club for 20 Key Stage 3 students; workshops and visits to the museums for pupils in Years 8 and 9; cross-curricular work on classical civilisation for all pupils in Years 8 and 9; a 2015 summer ‘classics week’ for Year 8, focusing on ancient Greek and Roman culture; and introduction to GCSE Latin as an option in 2016.

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