In 2020-21 The Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) launched an undergraduate certificate in Classical Studies. This course aims to provide an open-entry route for adults seeking to study classics at an introductory higher education level.

ICE are collaborating with CfA to offer 5 fully funded bursaries worth £2,500 each to cover 100% tuition fees for teachers or other education professionals working in UK-based settings to enrol on the undergraduate Certificate in Classical Studies in the 2022-23 academic year. 

About the course

The Undergraduate Certificate in Classical Studies offers a broad exploration of the greatest works of ancient Greek and Latin literature, and delves into 1,800 years of history, ideas and literature from approximately 1200BC to the fall of Rome in the sixth century AD.

Unit one begins with the “fountain from which all subsequent Greek literature flowed”: the poems of Homer and Hesiod. Through readings of Homer’s Iliad and some of the great tragedies of the Athenian stage, students examine the intertwined roles of myth and storytelling.

Unit two explores the character and the works of Roman poet Virgil, focusing in particular on readings of his epic poem, the Aeneid, and a broader analysis of other epic masterpieces.

The course concludes with a final segment, which introduces students to a particular theme within the field of Classical Studies. It will enable students to study a specialist area within the field in greater depth, allowing them to interrogate sources to derive data and to analyse that data to draw conclusions.  

Because it is delivered entirely remotely, the course is accessible for students in any location to study flexibly and on a part-time basis – opening up a whole new world of possibilities for teachers and their pupils in future

Applications for the Classics for All Bursary are invited by 31 May 2022 from educational professionals working in deprived or disadvantaged primary, secondary or adult education in state-funded sectors in the UK.

Bursaries are particularly intended for applicants working in deprived / disadvantaged settings and who would otherwise face financial barriers to engage with study.

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