Whether you are from a primary or secondary school, we offer you free support to introduce a classical subject or extend the classics you already offer.  We are happy to work with schools at all stages of their classical journey, including teachers with no prior training or experience.  

Broadly, your options include: 

  • Start-up sessions:  Setting up an after school classics or Latin club to stimulate pupils’ interest with a view to making classics part of the mainstream curriculum in the longer term. 
  • Introducing Latin or Greek on the curriculum.  Primary schools can introduce Latin or Greek as their main foreign language following training for teachers. Many secondary schools begin by integrating some Latin on the curriculum at Key Stage 3 to build up interest before introducing a GCSE option. 
  • Developing classics across the curriculum: Many schools integrate aspects of the classics in other subject areas such as English, history or modern foreign languages lessons.
  • Developing existing classics provision: Some schools request our support to extend classics for example by introducing classical civilisation or ancient history in addition to Latin. 

Advice on course and resource options can be found below and is ordered by Key Stage for ease of reference.