In England and Wales, four separate classical subjects are available for study at A and AS Level:

We can provide free training and support for any teachers wishing to introduce classical subjects at Key Stage 5.

While the language courses follow directly on from their GCSE counterparts, students with no prior qualifications in classics can still study for A Levels in ancient history and classical civilisation. The Advocating Classics Education project has produced a useful set of resources for students interested in ancient history and classical civilisation as an A/AS Level option.

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Aside from formal qualifications, there are many fantastic enrichment opportunities and activities open to all students in Years 12-13 (regardless of course choice). For example, students who are not studying classical subjects may still choose to complete the Olympus Challenge or work towards one of EMACT’s certificates in Ancient Greek.


A detailed bank of resources for use at Key Stage 5 (both on the curriculum and on an extra-curricular basis) can be found here.