Wednesday 8 December | 1.00 - 3.30

Classics for All in partnership with Newcastle University are hosting a series of FREE ONLINE talks to support A Level classical subjects. 

Join Bunny Waring (Northern Bridge PhD Candidate & Field Archaeologist), Dr John Holton (Lecturer in Ancient History & Director of Education), and Professor Federico Santangelo (Professor of Ancient History & editor of LACTOR 7) for our first afternoon exploring the turbulent world of the Late Roman Republic.

These short talks are designed to blend knowledge of key historical events with skills in using secondary scholarship and material evidence. Resource packs will be sent to teachers before the day to support work in the sessions.

1.00 Welcome

1.10 Roman Politics in the Age of Cicero

1.30 Political Conflict in Late Republican Rome: Some Sources

2.10 What's in an image? Political Power in Late Republican coinage

2.45 The Sullan Era: Who, What, and Why Does It Matter?

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