Our grants

Regional Networks

In response to growing demand for our grants, we have begun to encourage the development of regional ‘classics networks’. Our urgent funding priority for 2018-2020 is to raise £250k per year to support the expansion of these regional networks.

Regional networks bring schools together to foster regional classics expansion, encouraging the sharing of expertise, the development of new approaches to classics teaching and training for the next generation of specialist classics teachers. Networks in Bristol and the South West, Brighton, Birmingham, Blackpool, University of Durham, East Anglia, Leeds, Leicester, University of Liverpool and Liverpool College, London and the South East, Manchester, Norfolk, Scotland, Swansea and Warwick are well underway, often involving partnerships between primary and secondary schools, Classics Associations and universities.

If you are thinking of applying to Classics for All for support we encourage you to explore the regional classics network in your area as a first step.

We invite individual or corporate sponsorship of our regional networks. If you would like to find out more, please contact Sacha: sacha@classicsforall.org.uk or 07854 634 861.