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Leeds Classics Network

The Leeds Classics hub supports teachers to introduce Ancient Greek, Latin Classical Civilisation or Ancient History in schools throughout Yorkshire. Having established the hub in 2018, we are currently working with 5 schools from Leeds to Scarborough. We have established the first Primary Ancient Greek club in the county (Mega Greek), supported the implementation of Classical Civilisation in one Leeds secondary and are setting up Latin clubs in two further secondary schools. We are passionate about widening access to Classics in our area and empowering non-specialists, be they the teachers or the students themselves, to discover Classics.

We offer:

Training for teachers in Latin and Classics, to run classes from KS2-KS4 and beginner’s Ancient Greek

  • Continuous and specialist support for new teachers
  • Bespoke sessions for students already studying Classics
  • Free academic lectures
  • Artefact handling sessions (Roman Coins & Greek Vases)
  • ‘Facets of Classics’ workshops to introduce students to Classics for the first time
  • Advice on grant applications to secure funding for new courses

We aim to create a community of schools and teachers across the region.  Whether you already have a background in Classics or not, we want to hear from you! If you want to get involved, please contact the hub coordinator, Maria Haley:

The Leeds Classics Network is supported by Didymus CIO.


Lead contact:

Maria Haley, Hub Coordinator