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Leicester Classics Network

Archaeology and Classics in the Community, in partnership with Classics for All

In line with Classics for All’s aims and priorities, our activities introduce the study of Latin in the context of Roman life at a local level. We encourage and support schools to incorporate Classics within and/or alongside the curriculum; a key aim is to raise awareness that studying the ancient world and languages need not simply be done to gain a language qualification but can be embedded within many areas of the curriculum and can benefit pupils in many ways. We provide opportunities for local children of all levels of attainment, and from all backgrounds, to explore, experience and learn from our internationally-renowned research in classical archaeology and ancient history through a range of inspiring activities and resources. We equip pupils with new knowledge and skills, and through the training of teachers we change perceptions of the value and relevance of these subjects today. We have worked with more than 17 schools since 2014, and are currently working with Lionheart Academies Trust to introduce Classics in four secondary and three primary schools in Leicester. We are working in partnership with local independent schools to provide support and mentoring for teachers in state schools where there is no current provision.

What we offer

  • Support and training for the introduction of Classical Civilisation, Latin and Greek within and alongside the curriculum (KS2/5)
  • Campus-based and classroom sessions and resources to complement a wide range of subjects in the national curriculum
  • Resources and support for extracurricular activities and clubs
  • CPD (KS2/3) and mentoring for teachers
  • Taster sessions (KS2/5)
  • Academic consultancy
  • Support for grant applications to CfA for teacher training in Latin and/or Greek

Content of activities

  • KS2/3 campus-based and extracurricular sessions combine Latin and archaeology to investigate the people and objects of Ratae Corieltavorum (Leicester). Topics include: Curse Tablets; Slaves, and Arms and Weapons. CPD sessions (half-day) and resources provide teachers with the knowledge, skills and resources to deliver sessions themselves.
  • Sessions for KS4/5 pupils can cover a range of topics from areas across the curriculum to encourage ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and critical engagement with different sources of knowledge. Topics address: the use and abuse of evidence (this can provide support for taught skills in EPQ); personal freedom; encountering authority; ancient diversity; making your mark: establishing identity.

All lesson plans include a range of practical activities which enable pupils to engage with our research on topics such as: individual and group identities; social inequality; settlement; conflict; migration; multilingualism; daily life, art and society. Emphasis is placed on the culturally plural nature of the Roman world, introducing Latin in the context of life in Roman Leicester. By basing the activities on local contexts we demonstrate the relevance of the classical world in contemporary life to all pupils. Our activities and resources include information on how pupils can become involved in and gain access to local projects, through participation in Young Archaeologists Club and visits to sites such as Jewry Wall and Market Harborough Museum to encourage life-long engagement in the local community and its history.

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