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Leicester Classics Network

Founded in 2015, the University of Leicester Classics Network aims to introduce classics into local state schools through offering free resources, training and support for teachers interested in increasing pupils’ access to the ancient world.

In 2014, classics was only taught at two independent schools and a small number of sixth form colleges in Leicester. Since its inception, the network has made classics available to more than 8,000 pupils in 27 schools in Leicester alone, many with no previous tradition of teaching classics. In 2018-19 achievements included:

  • training 22 teachers to teach classics.
  • introducing classics across the curriculum in Year 7 in Lionheart Academies.
  • the launch of Classical Civilisation GCSE at Beauchamp School with a strong cohort of 60 pupils.
  • the appointment of teacher Lidia Kuhivchak to promote classics in primary schools.
  • the introduction of Latin in two Leicester primary schools.

Alongside ancient Greek, ancient history, classical civilisation and Latin, the network puts a strong focus on archaeology. In 2018 it launched a book, Life in the Roman World: Roman Leicester (Savani, Scott & Morris) for pupils at Key Stages 2 – 5 (ages 9 to 18) which was distributed free of charge to schools, as part of an initiative funded by Historic England Heritage Schools partnership.

Plans for 2019-20 include:

  • developing a partnership with Chester Farm and Northamptonshire County Council to bring classics to 4,000 pupils in Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire.
  • running classics taster sessions in 15 schools, encouraging 10 schools to adopt some teaching of classics on the curriculum.

For further information visit:

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The University of Leicester Network has been generously supported by Mr Dimitri Chandris in 2018 and 2019.


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