Regional Hubs


Blackpool Classics Network

This network is based in Blackpool Sixth Form College.

It was set out to inspire and raise aspirations of local pupils through accessing Latin classes and Classical Civilisation clubs.

Initially the project aimed at involving two primary schools and two high schools, however a key achievement has been the increase in size of the hub with one more high school and an additional primary school joining.  The hub’s creation has also led to a range of taster events and activities at other local high schools.


2016 highlights include:

  • Teacher training to deliver the Minimus course for three primary teachers
  • Teacher training days for three high school staff members
  • Strong numbers accessing Latin at St. John’s Primary School
  • Poulton Primary introducing Latin as part of the curriculum


Flexibility of approach has allowed high school staff to pick and choose focus.  Two high schools (Aspire and Hodgson) have focused on Ancient History whilst Montgomery High School’s English Department wanted to explore literature.


Lead Contact:

Peter Wright