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Bristol and the South West Network

The Bristol and the South West Network is based at the University of Bristol. Set up in September 2016, the Network aims to promote the teaching of classical subjects in state schools across the region.

We want classics to be firmly embedded in the educational landscape of the South West and feel that this can best be achieved through a network that encourages collaboration across primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors, encouraging the sharing of practice through peer-to-peer school led alliances.

Since September 2016, we have supported 48 schools (20 primary and 28 secondary) to introduce or develop their classics provision, allowing over 4,500 pupils to study classical subjects on a regular basis. A further 1,200 pupils have had the opportunity to participate in one-off enrichment activities.

In the 2018-19 academic year, 55 teachers from our partner schools attended training or Continuing Professional Development events (including general training in Latin, ancient Greek, classical civilisation or ancient history. An additional 44 teachers attended specific training sessions from Dr Genevieve Liveley on the new ‘Science of Stories’ resources.

We offer:

  • tailored language training to equip non-specialist teachers and trainee teachers at primary and secondary level with the skills to introduce elements of Latin, ancient Greek, classical civilisation or ancient history into their schools. This could be through adding one of these subjects to the curriculum or, more commonly, by incorporating some classics into existing curriculum subjects (e.g. English, history, Modern Foreign Languages)
  • advice and guidance for schools wishing to introduce classical subjects for the first time, and support with making a funding request from Classics for All
  • mentoring opportunities for teachers and PGCE students
  • ‘Consult a lecturer’ service
  • events, competitions and workshops for school students at all Key Stages. Flagship opportunities for pupils include the annual Ovid in the West Country competition and the Access to Bristol Classics and Ancient History stream.
  • free access to the ‘Science of Stories’ resource
  • support for textbooks and resources
  • Olympus Challenge prize-giving ceremonies for local schools

For more up to date information on the Bristol Network, please visit its website where you can also sign up to receive their newsletter.

Classics for All invites individual or corporate sponsorship of our regional networks. If you would like to find out more, please contact Sacha: or 07854 634 861.


Lead Contacts:

Lizzie Gourd – Network Co-ordinator

Hannah-Marie Chidwick – Network Manager


Social Media:

Twitter: @SWclassicshub