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Bristol and the South West Network

The South West Classics Hub is based at the University of Bristol. Set up in September 2016, the hub aims to promote the teaching of classical subjects in state schools across the region.

We want Classics to be firmly embedded in the educational landscape of the South West and feel that this can best be achieved through a networked solution that encourages collaboration across primary, secondary and tertiary tiers, and encourages the sharing of innovative practice through peer-to-peer school led alliances.

We are currently working with 11 schools (4 primary schools and 7 secondary schools), with the result that from September 2017, over 1500 students will have the opportunity to study a classical subject for the first time.

Following some intensive training sessions, teachers at Orchard School in North Bristol will be introducing Latin to the Year 7 and 8 curriculum in September 2017. Work has also started there on an ambitious etymology project which is aimed at boosting vocabulary acquisition at primary level. Clevedon School have trialled a successful ‘Latin for Literacy’ project this year and plan to introduce this into the KS3 English curriculum next year, alongside an exciting ‘Xenia’ storytelling project. Colston’s Girls’ School will also be launching an extra-curricular Greek club in April 2017.

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Hannah Walsh, Hub Coordinator

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