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Warwick Classics Network

The Warwick Classics Network (WCN) was launched in 2018 by Professor Michael Scott at the Deptartment of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Warwick.  Since May 2018, Dr Paul Grigsby, a Research Fellow in Outreach and Impact at the University of Warwick, has overseen the work of the WCN.

The WCN is an ever-growing community of teachers and academics dedicated to the promotion and support of classics and classics-teaching in Coventry, Warwickshire and beyond. Together with Classics for All, our main objective is to make the study of classics available for everyone, irrespective of economic or social background. The WCN is keen to hear from any schools and teachers in Coventry and the West Midlands interested in introducing Classics to their curriculum, or from any current Classics teachers in need of support.

In 2018-19 achievements included:

  • the Network’s launch event, ‘Emperors, Coins, Frogs and Oracles’ in July 2018, which brought over 200 pupils and teachers from over 35 schools to us at Warwick.
  • developing a new project, Coventry: A City of Cultures, which brings classics to local schools including President Kennedy and Barr’s Hillm in Coventry.
  • creating a new suite of ancient history resources to aid classics teaching in schools.
  • creating #AskAnAcademic videos featuring our Warwick academics. These videos are designed to aid the teaching of classical civilisation and ancient history.
  • introducing classics to schools including:
    • helping Studley High School introduce Ancient History GCSE.
    • introducing an extra-curricular classics club at President Kennedy School.
    • planning for the introduction of classics to the Year 7 curriculum at Stoke Park and Barr’s Hill School.
    • creating classics enrichment sessions for Lawrence Sheriff School, Rugby.
    • helping Cardinal Wiseman School in Coventry to introduce Latin.

Our goals for the future:

The WCN is part of a thriving and outward-looking classics department whose academics such as Prof Michael Scott are committed to the promotion of classics to the wider public. Prof. Michael Scott and Dr Paul Grigsby have been nominated for the 2019 Warwick Public Engagement Contribution Award, in part for their work with the WCN.

The WCN is committed to continue bringing classics to Coventry, Warwickshire and beyond. Our next main goal is the introduction of Latin into our local Primary schools.

The work of the WCN is supported by Classics for All, the Leventis Foundation, and the Warwick Widening Participation Development Fund.


Lead Contact:

Dr Paul Grigsby, Network Co-ordinator


Social Media:

Twitter: @WarwickClassNet