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Warwick Classics Network

The Warwick Classics Network is a thriving community of teachers and academics dedicated to the promotion and support of Classics and Classics teaching in Coventry, Warwickshire and beyond.

Launched in 2018 and based in the Dept. of Classics and Ancient History at Warwick University, the WCN is spearheaded by Prof. Michael Scott and supported by the Warwick Widening Participation Development Fund, the Warwick Impact Fund and the charity Classics for All. From May 2018, a dedicated Research Fellow in Outreach and Impact, Dr Paul Grigsby, has been engaged to facilitate the running of the WCN and to meet the WCN’s three key objectives.

  • To provide teachers of classical subjects with resources, advice, and an active support network. Our WCN website with its ever evolving teaching resource section STOA is an integral part of this support, and we are currently working with Classics for All in developing a suite of online resources aimed at supporting the teaching of the Ancient History curriculum.
  • To promote the teaching of Classics in schools not currently offering Classical subjects on their curriculum. Working alongside Classics for All and the AHRC funded Advocating Classics Education, we provide information on training and funding available for introducing classics. The WCN are currently helping to introduce classics in schools in Coventry and Rugby.
  • To promote the research undertaken by Warwick academics to a wider audience. Through public events and the creation of specialised online resources (such as our #AskAnAcademic videos), the WCN are dedicated to bringing the work of Warwick Classics to the wider world.

Outreach and Impact activities form an integral part of the programme of the WCN and the Dept. of Classics and Ancient History.  Our WCN launch event ‘Emperors, Coins, Frogs and Oracles’ in July 2018 brought over 200 pupils and teachers from over 35 schools to Warwick, while our annual Ancient Drama Festival attracts over 500 students and teachers from across the UK, and in 2018 the dept. was awarded the University of Warwick Public Engagement Award for its Outreach activities. Prof. Michael Scott, whose frequent public lectures and high profile TV appearances make him a central focus of the WCN and the department’s public face, won the University’s Outstanding Community Contribution Award in 2016 and has recently been seen presenting his landmark series Ancient Invisible Cities on BBC2.

The WCN is keen to hear from any schools and teachers in Coventry and the West Midlands interested in introducing Classics to their curriculum, or from any current Classics teachers in need of support.

For more information and/or to get involved, please contact the hub’s administrator, Dr Paul Grigsby at


Lead Contacts:
Dr Paul Grigsby, Hub Administrator and Research Fellow in Outreach and Impact

Prof. Michael Scott, Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies