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Birmingham Classics Network

This is an exciting time for Classics in state schools in Birmingham and the West Midlands, with the teaching of Classics – Ancient Greek, Latin, Ancient History, and Classical Civilisation – enjoying an upturn in no small part thanks to generous funding and support from Classics for All.

Formed in March 2018, the Birmingham and West Midlands Schools Classics Hub acts as a beacon for regional Classics activity, forming the centre of a burgeoning Classics community across local state schools. Projects in the pipeline include:

  • Beginners’ language tuition for secondary school teachers to set up ancient Greek enrichment clubs in their respective schools;
  • Training sessions for primary school teachers to support the introduction of Latin at Key Stage 2 using the Minimus and Maximum Classics courses;
  • Latin tuition for teachers at post-beginners’ level to introduce weekly language lessons to the English curriculum to support literacy at Key Stage 3.

The hub promotes the development of Classics teaching in state primary and secondary schools, helping teachers to access funding, training, and peer support. We are eager to hear from schools with and without existing Classics provision and are on hand to identify training needs for individual teachers or groups, to offer support through the application process, and to ensure the success and sustainability of funded projects.

The hub’s links to the Department of Classics, Ancient History, and Archaeology at the University of Birmingham and the local branch of the Classical Association provide a wealth of ongoing support for teachers and pupils of partner schools. Additional activities include an annual INSET day for teachers and a sixth form conference, as well as a number of academic lectures throughout the year.

For more information and/or to get involved, please contact the hub’s administrator, Polly Stoker:

The Birmingham and West Midlands Classics Hub is supported by the Statham Family Trust.


Lead Contacts:

Polly Stoker, Hub Administrator

Dr Elena Theodorakopoulos, Senior Lecturer in Classics