Invictus Active offers a range of lifestyle solutions to wheelchair users looking to keep active and reap the benefits that an active lifestyle brings. Founded by Scott Smith and Paul Cooksey, both full time wheelchairs users, Invictus Active has developed brand new and innovative ways to exercise – from the fantastic freewheel to their very own Invictus Active Trainer.

Scott and Paul have both benefited first hand from the crucial work of charities, so for every order received, they make a £10 donation to the customer's charity of choice.

Classics for All has joined Invictus Active's charity donation scheme, so after placing an order with Invictus Active, customers can now choose Classics for All as the beneficiary of Scott and Paul's donation. 

This donation comes at no extra cost to the customer. Once a charity has been selected, Invictus Active will process it and send it to onto the charity within 30 days. This initiative was launched in 2017 and to date, it has raised hundreds of pounds for charities across the world. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in placing an order with Invictus Active, we encourage you to select Classics for All as your chosen charity.

To find out more about Invictus Active, you can visit their website, or read about how the Invictus Active Trainer is revolutionising the health and wellbeing of disabled people.