Autumn 2018 newsletter front cover

The Electra Programme: Our campaign to support the teaching of Classical Greek in state primary and secondary schools is exceeding its targets. 

Ancient Greece and modern China: strange bedfellows?: Professor Michael Scott reflects on China's growing cultural fascination and affinity with the ancient Mediterranean.

What gets teenagers out of bed on a Saturday morning?: Alice Case reports on one of our strategies to support Saturday ancient Greek classes.

Gateways to Greek: Angela Dix’s account of work in primary schools offers a heartening insight into progress in Cambridgeshire where early exposure to ancient languages is beginning to create new demand for the subjects in secondary school.

Events calendar: Join us in reading Titian, Poussin and others through classical literature, trying Verres in a moot trial at the UK Supreme Court, getting Tom Holland's views on whether religion existed in the Ancient World.

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