November 2017 Newsletter Front Cover

Why Classics? - Dr Peter Jones: why it is unconscionable that our children should not be given the opportunity to take their pick from this unmatchable linguistic, literary, historical, artistic, crosscultural, intellectual feast. 

Programme Update: Classics for All is now offering all year round support to any state school across the UK that is interested in teaching Classics. 

The Phoenix Programme: We are delighted to announce the launch of Phoenix, which aims to promote the teaching of Latin in state primary schools. This programme, funded by The Polonsky Foundation, will strengthen support for primary schools wishing to introduce Latin on or off the curriculum.

Christmas Challenge: We will be raising money for our project ‘Londinium Magnificum’, aiming to reach a further 100 primary and secondary schools in London.

Upcoming Events: Robert Harris in conversation with Dr Peter Jones and Professor Michael Scott on Delphi.

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