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Our events seek to bring together like-minded individuals from across the classical community with a shared passion for the ancient world. Covering everything from mouth-watering Roman food to eye-watering ancient medicine, we welcome those of all ages and levels of knowledge to attend.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch at [email protected].

Classics for All: Official Events Programme 2024

Tuesday 19 March | 18:00 | Livestreamed from Freshfields

Panel Discussion: Legacy of Greek and Roman Science

Have you ever wondered about just how significant an impact ancient science has had on the modern world?

We're delighted to present four esteemed specialists in ancient science who will share their views on this wide-ranging subject in what promises to be an insightful panel discussion. Join us as we hear from Professors Liba Taub (Cambridge), Serafina Cuomo (Durham), Laurence Totelin (Cardiff) and Dr Arthur Harris (Cambridge), generously hosted by Freshfields.

Booking is open now! Please click here for more info and to get your tickets.

Summer 2024  |  TBC

Classics for All: Impact Awards 2024

Join us as we come together to celebrate the amazing work of teachers, schools and programmes supported by the charity in our awards ceremony, generously sponsored by Hat Trick Productions.

More details coming soon!

Friday 27 September | Live from Linklaters LLP

Overboard! Debate

When Poseidon sends a tempest to stir up the Aegean, four titans of the ancient world find themselves stuck on a rapidly sinking ship... Who will stay and who will be thrown overboard?

Our reverse 'balloon' (or boat) debate will be back again this year, generously sponsored by Linklaters LLP and hosted by Dr Emma Greensmith (St John's College, University of Oxford).

Details to come; for now, please save the date!

Thursday 24 October | Livestreamed from UK Supreme Court

Moot Trial of Medea (Lawyers Group Event)

Our annual moot trial of a well-known figure from the ancient world, this year also to mark the 15th anniversary of the UKSC. We're honoured to have Lord Lloyd-Jones (Justice of the Supreme Court) presiding over this trial.

Details to come; for now, please save the date!

Upcoming Events: CfA Programmes & Networks

Wednesday 24 April | 16:00 | KS3 Classics and English CPD | Online

Using Classical Heroes and Mythology in Key Stage 3 English

Alastair Thorley is an experienced Classics teacher and A Level examiner. He has produced resources for the Classical Association on the Classical Civilisation GCSE syllabus and has trained teachers new to the subject through both Classics For All and Keynote. He also contributed to two of the A Level Classical Civilisation textbooks.

Alastair has created resources based on the Mary Beard video on “Heroes” and will be discussing how these resources can be used by teachers.

The idea of what it means to be a hero is always interesting and endlessly evolving. The media prematurely and ironically announces the death of superhero movies in every weekly review of the latest contributions to the genre in the cinema or on the television. We have been, are and always will be fascinated by what it takes to be better than ourselves.

These resources have been designed to enable pupils to look behind the superhero and consider how these characters are created and made interesting and relatable. Neither the pupils nor the teacher needs to have any knowledge of Classical myths and all are encouraged to draw from their own personal experiences. The myths are told in the form of short, impactful videos. The resources could lead to the pupils producing a longer piece of creative writing but are also designed to be self-contained.

To register for the CPD please complete this form by Monday 22nd April. Zoom details for the event will be sent out on Tuesday 23rd April.