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At school, university, or recently graduated, and passionate about the ancient world?

Join The Chorus – a growing network of young classicists across the UK who are committed to improving access to classical subjects.  

The aim of The Chorus is to connect young classicists across the UK – from sixth-form students to university graduates or even classics novices. 


Get involved

Members will have the chance to engage with a range of activities and meet like-minded classics enthusiasts. 

  • The Forum: The Chorus hosts termly online gatherings, where you will hear from other students, enjoy seminars by guest speakers, and have a platform to share your own ideas
  • The Rostra: Write for our new student blog

You will also have opportunities to engage with Classics for All's charitable work:

  • Mentor young people interested in studying classics at university
  • Promote the study of classics in state schools at fundraising events and speak to our donors about your classics journey
  • Write for our bi-annual newsletter, Classics Matters
  • FREE access to our online events and in-person events subject to capacity

To sign up to The Chorus, please follow this link and fill out our membership form.

If you are between the age of 16-18 and wish to join The Chorus, we require written consent from your parent or legal guardian. Unfortunately, no student below the age of 16 is permitted to join the network.

Make sure you don’t miss out on upcoming events and news by following us on Instagram and Twitter (X) at @TheChorusCFA!