Latin club at Lionheart

Since 2010 Classics for All has established a national reputation, raising over £4.7m from individual donors, trusts and foundations and corporate sponsors to raise the aspirations of pupils in UK state schools through the teaching of classical subjects. Our achievements include:  

  • training over 5,300 teachers in state schools, many without a classics specialism, to teach classical subjects.
  • introducing or developing the teaching of classics in 1,200 primary and secondary schools across the UK, many in areas of socio-economic disadvantage. 
  • offering over 180,000 pupils aged 7-18 the chance to enrich their understanding of the ancient world.  
  • establishing 14 regional classics networks, largely based at Russell Group universities, which target schools in areas of low social mobility and offer cost-effective ongoing support and mentoring for local teachers. 

We believe that exposure to classics has many positive benefits. Head teachers and governors report the value of classics in raising pupils’ aspirations, improving their literacy and cultural awareness and enhancing the school’s reputation, particularly for schools in areas of low social mobility. 

In 2018, 90% of pupils surveyed by Classics for All reported that learning classics had a positive impact on their attainment, cultural awareness and aspirations and a growing number of pupils supported by us are now studying classics at examination level or at university.

Studying ancient literature, particularly Homer, made me realise I wanted to study classics at university. Coming to university has shown how incredible it is that I have had the opportunity to study Greek at a state school.Former pupil at Camden School for Girls

Teacher training at Harrow Summer School 2019

“No one could possibly believe we could also offer Ancient Greek here. Some parents were saying they felt as if we were an independent school. Now kids from any background have the opportunity to learn about the ancient world, and this can only lead to something good.” Teacher at Colston's Girls' School, Bristol

Value for money

We do everything we can at Classics for All to give schools flexible support to meet their needs. On average, it costs £3,000 per school to introduce a classical subject which will reach 60 pupils per school: £50 per pupil, to teach them a subject that will last a lifetime.

We always welcome support for our work. Find out more about supporting our work, how to donate or get in touch at [email protected].