June 2017 Newsletter front cover

Why Classics? A Student's Perspective: Adrian was introduced to Latin by Charlie Andrew through her Classics Club at the school and is now working towards his Latin GCSE. He said he was originally drawn to Classics Club because he is “interested in the past and how so many languages come from Latin”. 

Grant Programme Update: It has been a busy three months and we welcome the persistent level of interest from primary and secondary schools across the UK in engaging with Classics in the curriculum.

Ideas for University Outreach: This year’s joint Classics for All and Classical Association roundtable at the annual Classical Association conference in Canterbury took as its theme University ‘outreach’ projects and the best ways to harness the efforts of University Classics departments to support Classics in Schools.

Donor Recognition List 2016-17: All of us at Classics for All would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the past year, enriching the education of pupils in our state schools through Classics.

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