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Ad Familiares contributions published during 2021 are listed here:

Adler, Eric, (Un)critical Thinking on the Humanities.

Conybeare, Catherine, Grammarians and Grudges in Late Roman Africa.

Douglas Olson, S, Cleon and Donald Trump - a lesson from (Ancient) History?

Dickey, Eleanor, Studying Latin in antiquity.

Gibson, Roy, Man of High Empire: the Life of Pliny the Younger.

Harrison, Stephen, Prime Ministers and Popes.

McGill, Scott, The Penultimate Hero Aeneas.

Morgan, Llewelyn, Lovely Latin Lost.

Morgan, Theresa, From Trust to Belief.

Sharrock, Alison, Ovid and the Ecological Crisis?

Stray, Christopher, Kenneth Dover at 100.

Tempest, Kathryn, Killing Caesar.

Wyles, Rosie, The dramatic power of Euripides’ Bacchae.