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All the books reviewed in the Reading Room during 2016 are listed here.

Alphabetical Listing:

Acton, P. Poiesis: Manufacturing in Classical Athens

Adams, J.N. and Vincent, N (eds.) Early and Late Latin: Continuity or Change?

Adams, M. Teaching Classics in English Schools, 1500-1840

Adamson, P. Classical Philosophy

Augoustakis,  A. (ed.) Flavian Epic

Ahrensdorf, P.J. Homer on the Gods and Human Virtue: Creating the Foundations of Classical Civilisation

Allen-Hornblower, E. From Agent to Spectator

Alston, R. Rome’s Revolution: Death of the Republic and Birth of the Empire

Archibald, E., Brockliss, W. and Gnoza, J. eds. Learning Latin and Greek from Antiquity to the Present

Armstrong, J. War and Society in Early Rome: From Warlords to Generals

Bagnall, R.S. and Cribiore, R. Women’s Letters from Ancient Egypt: 300 BC – AD 800

Bailey, L.K. The Religious Worlds of the Laity in Late Antique Gaul

Bakogianni, A. and Hope, V.M. War as Spectacle

Baltussen, H. ed. Greek and Roman Consolations: Eight Studies Of A Tradition And Its Aftermath

Banchich, T.M. The Lost History of Peter the Patrician

Barrett, A.A. Caligula: The Abuse of Power

Barrett A.A., Fantham, E. and Yardley, J.C. (eds.) The Emperor Nero: A Guide to the Ancient Sources

Bartsch, S. Persius: A Study in Food, Philosophy and the Figural

Bassi, K. Traces of the Past: Classics between History and Archaeology

Beard, M. SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome

Beaulieu, Marie-Claire The Sea in the Greek Imagination

Beck, H. and Funke, P. (eds) Federalism in Greek Antiquity

Bierl, A. and Latacz, J. eds. Homer’s Iliad: The Basel Commentary: Prolegomena

Biles, Z.P. and Olson, S.D. (eds.)  Aristophanes Wasps

Bleicken, J. Augustus: The Biography

Blessington, F. (tr.) Trojan Women, Helen, Hecuba: Three Plays about Women and the Trojan War

Booms, D. and Higgs, P. Sicily: Culture And Conquest British Museum 2016

Bowden, H. Alexander the Great: A Very Short Introduction

Bradford, A.S. War: Antiquity and its Legacy

Bradley, M. Smell and the Ancient Senses

Braund, S. Seneca: Oedipus

Breeze, D. The Roman Army

Bresson, A. The Making of the Ancient Greek Economy: Institutions, Markets and Growth in the City-States

Brett, M. and Stevens, B.E. Classical Traditions in Science Fiction

Briers, B. Cleopatra’s Needles

Broodbank, C. The Making of the Middle Sea

Brunelle, C.M. ed. Ovid: Ars Amatoria Book 3—A Commentary

Budin, S.L. Artemis

Burgess, J.S. Homer

Bubelis, W.S. Hallowed Stewards: Solon and the sacred treasurers of Athens

Butler, S. (ed.) Deep Classics: Re-thinking Classical Reception

Cairns, F. Hellenistic Epigram: Contexts of Exploration

Campbell, G.L. ed. The Oxford Book of Animals in Classical Thought and Life

Campbell, M., and others (eds.) OCR Anthology for Classical Greek AS and A Level

Canevaro, L.G. Hesiod’s Works and Days: How to Teach Self-Sufficiency

Carlà, F. and Berti, I. (eds.) Ancient Magic and the Supernatural in the Modern Visual and Performing Arts

Cartledge, P. Democracy: A Life

Caston, Victor and Silke-Maria Weineck (edd.) Our Ancient Wars: Rethinking War through the Classics.

Chiu, A. Ovid’s Women of the Year: Narratives of Roman Identity in the Fasti

Chrystal, P. Women in Ancient Rome

Clark, C.A., Foster E., and Hallett, J.P. Kinesis: The Ancient Depiction of Gesture, Motion, and Emotion

Cline, E.H. 1177 BCThe Year Civilisation Collapsed

Cohen, E. Athenian Prostitution: The Business of Sex

Colesanti, G. and Lulli, L. (eds.) Submerged Literature in Ancient Greek Culture, Vol. 2: Case Studies

Compton-Eagle, G. Costume in the Comedies of Aristophanes

Conte, B.G. Critical Notes on Virgil: Editing the Teubner Text of the Georgics and the Aeneid

Coray, M. (ed.) Homer’s Iliad Book 19: The Basel Commentary

Cueva, E.P. and Byrne, S.N. (eds.) A Companion to the Ancient Novel

Cullhed, A. The Shadow of Creusa: Negotiating Fictionality in Late Antique Latin Literature

Dainotti, P. Word Order and Expressiveness in the Aeneid

Davies, M. and Finglass, P.J. eds. StesichorusThe Poems

Decker, M.J. The Byzantine Dark Ages

Dickey, E. An Introduction to the Composition and Analysis of Greek Prose

Dickey, E. Learning Latin the Ancient Way

Dillon, M. and Garland, L. Ancient Rome: Social and Historical Documents from the Early Republic to the Death of Augustus

Dover, K.J. Greek Homosexuality (3rd edition)

Dressler, A. Personification and the Feminine in Roman Philosophy

Drogula, F.K. Commanders and Command in the Roman Republic and Early Empire

Du Bois, P. Sappho (Understanding Classics)

Du Plessis, P.J., Ando, C. and Tuori, K. (eds) The Oxford Handbook of Roman Law and Society

Dutsch, D., James, S.L. and Konstan, D. (eds.) Women in Roman Republican Drama

Dutsch, D. and Suter, A. (eds.) Ancient Obscenities: Their Nature and Use in the Ancient Greek and Roman Worlds

Eaton-Krauss, M. The Unknown Tutankhamun

Ehrman, B.D. After the New Testament: A Reader in Early Christianity 100-300 CE

Enderwitz, S. and Sauer, R. Communication and Materiality: Written and Unwritten Communication in Pre-Modern Societies

Ewald, B.C. and Norena, C.F. (eds.) The Emperor and Rome: Space, Representation, and Ritual

Fantham, E., Hine, H.M., Ker, J. and Williams, G.D. tr.  Hardship and Happiness: Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Fantuzzi, M. and Tsagalis, C. The Greek Epic Cycle and its Ancient Reception

Fejfer, J., Moltesen, M. and Rathje, A. Tradition: Transmission of Culture in the Ancient World

Finglass, P.J. and Kelly, A. Stesichorus in Context Holmes, B. and Fischer, K-D. (eds.) Frontiers of Ancient Science: Essays in Honour of Heinrich von Staden

Fisher, N. and van Wees, H. (eds.) Aristocracy in Antiquity: Redefining Greek and Roman Elites

Foley, H.P. Euripides: Hecuba

Fitzgerald, S.F.  (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Late Antiquity

Frangoulidis, S., Harrison, S.J., and Manuwald, G. (eds.) Roman Drama and its Contexts

Fratantuono, L. Ovid Metamorphoses X

Freeman, P. (tr. and intro.), Cicero On How to Grow Old

Fulford, M. and Holbrook, N. (eds.) The Towns of Roman Britain: The Contribution of Commercial Archaeology since 1990

Fulkerson, L.: Ovid: A Poet on the Margins

Fulkerson L, and Stover, T. (eds.) Repeat Performances: Ovidian Repetition and the Metamorphoses

Fuller, R. Beasts and God: How Democracy Changed its Meaning and lost its Purpose

Gambash, G. Rome and Provincial Resistance

Glazebrook, A. and Tsakirgis, B. (eds.) Houses of Ill Repute: The Archaeology of Brothels, Houses, and Taverns in the Greek World

Godwin, J. Ovid: Heroides (selection)

Godley, Aluredus D. (Ed.), Q. Horati Flacci Carminum Librum Quintum

Graf, F:  Roman Festivals in the Greek East: From the Early Empire to the Middle Byzantine Era

Graver, M. and Long, A.A. Seneca: Letters on Ethics to Lucilius

Grig, L. and Kelly, G. (eds) Two RomesRome and Constantinople in Late Antiquity

Grubbs, J.E. and Parkin, T. with Bell, R. (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Childhood and Education in the Ancient World

Gunderson, E. Laughing Awry—Plautus and Tragicomedy

Gwynn, D.M. Christianity in Late Roman Empire: A Sourcebook

Haggis, D.C. and Antonaccio, C.M. Classical Archaeology in Context: Theory and Practice in Excavation in the Greek World

Hall, J.M. Artifact and Artifice: Classical Archaeology and the Ancient Historian

Hammond, M. (tr.) Homer, The Odyssey

Hansen, M. H. Reflections on Aristotle’s Politics

Hard, R. (tr.) Eratosthenes and Hyginus: Constellation Myths, with Aratus’ Phaenomena

Harding, P. Athens Transformed 404-262 BC: From Popular Sovereignty to the Dominion of Wealth

Harris, R. Dictator

Harris, W.V. Roman Power: A Thousand Years of Empire

Harrison, S.J. Framing The Ass: Literary Texture In Apuleius’ Metamorphoses

Harvey, B.K. Daily Life in Ancient Rome

Haselgrove, C. (ed.) Cartimandua’s Capital? The late Iron Age royal site at Stanwick, North Yorkshire: fieldwork and analysis 1981-2011

Heaney, S. (tr.) Aeneid VI

Heerink, M.A.J. Echoing Hylas: A Study in Hellenistic and Roman Metapoetics

Hejduk, J.D. (tr. and comm.) Ovid: The Offense of Love

Holland, T. Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the House of Caesar

Holt, F.L.  The Treasures of Alexander the Great: How One Man’s Wealth Shaped the World

Hood, J. How to Win a Chariot Race

Hood, J. The Classics Magpie

Hornblower, S. and Spawforth, A., asst. ed. Eidenow, E. (eds., 2nd ed.) The Oxford Companion to Classical Civilisation

Hornblower, S. (ed., text, tr., comm. and intro.) Lykophron: Alexandra

Horsfall, N. The Epic Distilled: Studies in the Composition of the Aeneid

Houghton, H.A.GThe Latin New Testament: A Guide to Its Early History, Texts and Manuscripts

Houston, G.W. Inside Roman Libraries: Book Collections and their Management

Hoyos, D. Mastering the West: Rome and Carthage at War

Hunt, S. Starting to Teach Latin

Hunter, R. Apollonius Rhodius Argonautica Book IV

Hunter, R. and Oakley, S.P. (eds.) Latin Literature and its Transmission: Papers in Honour of Michael Reeve

Inamura, K. Justice and Reciprocity in Aristotle’s Political Philosophy

Jenkins, I. with Farge, C. and Turner, V. Defining Beauty: the Body in Ancient Greek Art

Jenkins, T. Keeping their Marbles

Jenkyns, R. Classical Literature

Johnson, D. (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Roman Law

Johnson, M. Ovid on Cosmetics: Medicamina Faciei Femineae and Related Texts

Jones, P. Eureka! Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Ancient Greeks (but were Afraid to Ask)

Joshel, S.R. and Petersen, L.H. The Material Life of Roman Slaves

Kadare, I. A Girl in Exile

Kaldellis, A. Byzantine Readings of Ancient Historians: Texts in Translation

Kanavou, M. The Names of Homeric Heroes

Kania, R. Virgil’s Eclogues and the Art of Fiction

Kay, P. Rome’s Economic Revolution

Keane, C. Juvenal and the Satiric Emotions

Kenney, E.J. Lucretius, De Rerum Natura Book 3

Kiss, D. What Catullus wrote: Problems in Textual Criticism, Editing and the Manuscript Tradition

Knippschild, S. and Morcillo, M.G. Seduction and Power: Antiquity in the Visual and Performing Arts

Knox, P.E. and McKeown, J.C. eds. The Oxford Anthology of Roman Literature

Koloski-Ostrow, A.OThe Archaeology of Sanitation in Roman Italy: Toilets, Sewers and Water Systems

Konaris, M. D. The Greek Gods in Modern Scholarship

Kraus, C.S. and Stray, C. (eds.) Classical Commentaries: Explorations in a Scholarly Genre

Krieter-Spiro, M. Homer Iliad III

Kristensen, T.M. and Stirling, L. (eds.) The Afterlife of Greek and Roman Sculpture: Late Antique responses and practices

Kyriakou, P. and Rengakos, A. (eds.) Wisdom and Folly in Euripides

Lamascus L.D. The Poverty of Eros in Plato’s Symposium

Lamers, H. and Reitz-Joosse, B. (eds.) The Codex Mussolini: A Latin Text of Italian Fascism

Leão, D.M. and Rhodes, P.J. The Laws of Solon

Leary, T.J. (ed.) Symphosius: The Aenigmata

Leary, T.J. (ed.) Martial: Book xiii

Leary, T.J. (ed.) Martial: Book xiv

Lee, M.M. Body, Dress and Identity in Ancient Greece

Lefkowitz, M. Euripides and the Gods

Lefkowitz, M. and Fant, M.B. Women’s Life In Greece And Rome

Levick, B. Catiline

Levick, B. Faustina I And II

Ley, G. Acting Greek Tragedy

Ley, G. Ancient Greek and Contemporary Performance: Collected Essays

Lightfoot, J(ed. and tr.) Hellenistic Collection: Philitas, Alexander of Aetolia, Hermesianax, Euphorion, Parthenius

Lindner, M.M. Portraits of the Vestal Virgins, Priestesses of Ancient Rome

Lockwood, T. and Samaras, T. (ed.) Aristotle’s Politics: A Critical Guide

Logue, C. War MusicAn account of Homer’s Iliad

Lombardo, Stanley (trans.) Sappho, Complete poems and fragments

Lushkov, A.H. Magistracy and the Historiography of the Roman Republic

Maclean, S. (tr. with notes) Martial: Selected Epigrams

Maclennan, K. Virgil: Aeneid VIII (selection)

Maclennan, K. and Stockert, W. (ed. with intro., trans. and comm.) Plautus: Aulularia

Mairs, R, and Muratov, M. Archaeologists, Tourists, Interpreters

Maltby, R. (ed. intro, tr. and comm.) Terence: Phormio

Mansel, P. Aleppo: The Rise and Fall of Syria’s Great Merchant City

Manuwald, G. (ed.) Valerius Flaccus: Argonautica Book III

March, J. Dictionary of Classical Mythology

Marconi, C. (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Art and Architecture

Marek, CIn The Land of a Thousand Gods: A History of Asia Minor in the Ancient World

Marmodoro, A. Aristotle On Perceiving Objects

Master, J. Provincial Soldiers and Imperial Instability in the Histories of Tacitus

Mastronarde, D. The Art of Euripides

Maunder, E. (ed.) Seneca Letters: A Selection

Maurizio, L.  Classical Mythology in Context

May, J.L. How to Win an Argument: An Ancient Guide to the Art of Persuasion – Marcus Tullius Cicero

McCarter, S. Horace Between Freedom And Slavery: The First Book of Epistles

McDowell, J. (tr.) PlatoTheaetetus

McKeown, J.C. and Smith, J.M. The Hippocrates Code

Meineck, P. (tr. with notes) Sophocles’ Philoctetes

Miller, J. (ed.) The Reception of Aristotle’s Ethics

Millett, M., Revell, L. and Moore, A. (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Roman Britain

Mitchell, T. Democracy’s Beginning: The Athenian Story 

Meinel, F. Pollution and Crisis in Greek Tragedy

Moatti, C. (tr. by Janet Lloyd) The Birth of Critical Thinking on Republican Rome

Moignard, E. Master of Attic Black Figure Painting: The Art and Legacy of Exekias

Monrós-Gaspar, L. Victorian Classical Burlesques: A Critical Anthology

Moormann, E. Pompeii’s Ashes

Moreno, A. and Thomas, R. (eds.) Patterns of the Past

Morgan, T. Roman Faith and Christian Faith: Pistis and Fides in the Early Roman Empire and the Early Churches

Morwood, J. and Anderson, S. A Little Greek Reader

Morwood, J. Hadrian

Mount, H. Harry Mount’s Odyssey: Ancient Greece in the Footsteps of Odysseus

Mulroy, D. tr. with introduction and notes Aeschylus: Agamemnon

Mulroy, D. Sophocles AntigoneA Verse Translation with Introduction and Notes

Nesselrath, H-G. Iulianus Augustus: Opera

Newby, Z. Greek Myths in Roman Art and Culture: imagery, values and identity in Italy, 50 BC-AD 250

NicholsK. Greece and Rome at Crystal Palace

Nikkanen, A. Propertius, Tibullus and Ovid (selection)

Nikolsky, B. Misery and Forgiveness in Euripides: Meaning and Structure in the Hippolytus

Nisbet, G. (tr.) Martial: Epigrams, with Latin Text

Ober, J. The Rise and Fall of Classical Greece

Oniga, R. Latin: A Linguistic Introduction

Orrells, D. Sex: Antiquity and its Legacy

Osgood, J. Turia: A Roman Woman’s Civil War

Östenberg, I., Malmberg, S. and Bjørnebye, J. (eds.) The Moving City

Parker, D. (tr.) and Moore, T.J. (ed.) Aristophanes & Menander: Three Comedies

Parker, J. A Latin Legacy

Parker, L.P.E. (ed.), Euripides: Iphigenia in Tauris

Parsons, P.J., Maehler, H. and Maltomini, F. The Vienna Epigrams Papyrus

Payne, M. The Animal Part: Human and Other Animals in the Poetic Imagination

Payne, T. The Ancient Art of Growing Old

Pelling, C. and Wyke, M. Twelve Voices from Greece and Rome: Ancient Ideas for Modern Times

Petrovic, A. and Petrovic, I. Inner Purity and Pollution in Greek Religion Volume I: Early Greek Religion

Pettegrew, D.K. The Isthmus of Corinth: Crossroads of the Ancient World

Pinkster, H. The Oxford Latin Syntax: Part 1:The Simple Clause

Pollitt, J.J. (ed.) The Cambridge History of Painting in the Classical World

Pongratz-Leisten, B. and Sonik, K. (eds.) The Materiality of Divine Agency: Studies in Ancient Near Eastern Records (vol. 8)

Powell, A. (ed.) Hindsight in Greek and Roman History

Powell, B.B. (tr.) Homer: The Odyssey

Powell, B.B. (tr.) Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey: The Essential Books

Price, A.W. Virtue and Reason in Plato and Aristotle

Prince, S.H. Antisthenes Of Athens: Texts, Translations, And Commentary

Randsborg, K. Roman Reflections: Iron Age to Viking Age in Northern Europe

Reitzammer, L. The Athenian Adonia in Context: The Adonis Festival as Cultural Practice

Renshaw, J. In Search of the Greeks

Rhodes, P.J. Thucydides (Ancients in Action)

Richardson, E. Classical Victorians: Scholars, Scoundrels and Generals in Pursuit of Antiquity

Roisman, J. Alexander’s Veterans and the Early Wars of the Successors

Roller, D.W. Ancient Geography: The Discovery of the World in Classical Greece and Rome

Rudich, V. Religious Dissent in Roman EmpireViolence in Judaea at the time of Nero

Rüpke, J. (tr. by Richardson, D. M. B.) Religious Deviance in the Roman World: Superstition or Individuality?

Russell, A. The Politics of Public Space in Republican Rome

Rutherford, R. Greek Tragic Style: Form, Language and Interpretation

Salway, P. Roman Britain: A Very Short Introduction

Salzman, M., Saghy, M. and Testa, R.L (eds.) Pagans and Christians in Late Antique Rome

Santangelo, F. Marius

Saretta, P. Asiatics in Middle Kingdom Egypt: Perceptions and Reality

Sarris, P. Byzantium—A Very Short Introduction

Schaps, D. The Invention Of Coinage And The Monetization Of Ancient Greece

Scheid, J. (tr. by Clifford Ando) The Gods, The State and the Individual

Schein, S. Homeric Epic and its Reception

Scioli, E. Dream, Fantasy, and Visual Art in Roman Elegy

Sheppard, AThe Poetics of Phantasia: Imagination in Ancient Aesthetics

Silvermintz, D. Protagoras

Slavitt, D. (tr.) Odes: Horace

Smith, C. The Etruscans—A Very Short Introduction

Sorabji, Richard  (ed.) Aristotle Transformed

Sorabji, Richard  (ed.) Aristotle Reinterpreted

Sorabji, R. Moral Conscience through the Ages

Spencer, R.A. Harry Potter and the Classical World: Greek and Roman Allusions in J.K. Rowling’s Modern Epic

Spivey, N. Classical Civilisation: Greeks and Romans in 10 Chapters

Squire, M. The Iliad in a Nutshell: Visualizing Epic on the Tabulae Iliacae

Stadter, P.A. Plutarch and his Roman Readers

Stahl, H-P. Poetry Underpinning Power: Vergil’s Aeneid: The Epic for the Emperor Augustus: A Recovery Study

Stathakopoulos, D. A Short History of the Byzantine Empire

Stead, H. A Cockney CatullusThe Reception of Catullus in Romantic Britain, 1795-1821

Stead, H. and Hall, E. (eds.) Greek and Roman Classics in the British Struggle for Social Reform

Stephens, S.A. (intro., trans. and comm.) Callimachus: The Hymns

Stocks, C. The Roman Hannibal: Remembering the Enemy in Silius Italicus’ Punica

Stoevesandt, M. ed. Homer’s Iliad VI (The Basel Commentary)

Straumann, B. Roman Law in the State of Nature: The Classical Foundations of Hugo Grotius’ Natural Law

Sturgeon, M.C. Ancient Mediterranean Art in the Ackland Art Museum

Stuttard, D. Greek Mythology: A Travellers’ Guide

Stuttard, D. History of Ancient Greece in Fifty Lives

Sumi, G.S. Ceremony & Power: Performing Politics in Rome between Republic and Empire

Tacoma, L.E. Moving Romans: Migration to Rome in the Principate

Tanfield, C. Virgil: Aeneid X (Selection)

Taplin, O. (tr. with introduction) Sophocles: Four Tragedies: Oedipus the King, Aias, Philoctetes, Oedipus at Colonus

Tarrant, R. Texts, Editors, And Readers: Methods and Problems in Latin Textual Criticism

Thompson, J. Wonderful Things: A History of Egyptology 1: From Antiquity to 1881

Thonemann, P. The Hellenistic World: Using Coins as sources

Thonemann, P. The Hellenistic Age

Toner, J. The Ancient World

Torlone, Z.M. Vergil in Russia: National Identity and Classical Reception

Travillian, T.T. Pliny the Elder: The Natural History Book VII (with Book VIII 1-34)

Uzzi, J.D. and Thompson, J. Catullus: An Annotated Translation

Van der Mieroop, M. Philosophy before the Greeks: The Pursuit of Truth in Ancient Babylonia

Van Nortwick, T. Late Sophocles: The Hero’s Evolution in ElectraPhiloctetes and Oedipus at Colonus

Vasaly, A. Livy’s Political PhilosophyPower and Personality in Early Rome

Verity, A. (tr.), with intro. and  notes by William Allan The Odyssey: Homer

Vickers, M. Aristophanes and Alcibiades: Echoes of Contemporary History in Athenian Comedy

Waite, G. (ed.) A. Barclay: The Famous Cronycle of the Warre which the Romayns had Agaynst Iugurth, Usurper of the Kyngdome of Numidy

Walker, H.J. The Twin Horse GodsThe Dioskouroi in Mythologies in the Ancient World

Walker, M. The Vates Anthology of New Latin Poetry

Wallace, L.M. The Origin of Roman London

Wardle, D. (tr., intro. and historical commentary) Suetonius’ Life of Augustus

Waterfield, R. Demosthenes Selected Speeches

Waterfield, R. Plutarch: Hellenistic Livesa New Translation

Watson, L.C. and Watson, P. Martial

Watson, W. The Lost Second Book of Aristotle’s Poetics

Welch. K. (ed.) Appian’s Roman History: Empire and Civil War

Werda, L. Vergil’s Political Commentary in the Eclogues, Georgics and Aeneid

West, M.L. The Making of the Odyssey

West, R. and Fotherington, L. Cicero: Pro Milone

Whitmarsh, T. Battling the Gods: Atheism in the Ancient World

Wilson, A. and Flohr, M. (eds.), Urban Craftsmen and Traders in the Roman World

Wijnendale, J.P.W. The Last of the Romans: Bonifatius—Warlord and Comes Africae

Williamson, C. The Laws of the Roman People: Public Law in the Expansion and Decline of the Roman Republic

Wilson, E. Seneca—A Life

Winsbury, R. Pliny the Younger: A Life in Roman Letters

Wiseman, P. Julius Caesar

Woodman, A.J. (ed. with Kraus C.) Tacitus: Agricola

Wright, M.R. Introducing Greek Philosophy

Yeroulanos, Marinos A Dictionary of Classical Greek Quotations

Young, E.M. Translation as Muse: Poetic Translation in Catullus’ Rome

Zarecki, J. Cicero’s Ideal Statesman in Theory and Practice

Zilioli, U. (ed.) From the Socratics to the Socratic Schools

Zuiderhoek, A. The Ancient City