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Liverpool Classics Network

The Liverpool Classics Network is based in Liverpool College, an all through co-educational academy in south Liverpool, which teaches Latin and Classical Civilization throughout its senior phase.

The hub aims to promote, coordinate and support the successful development and implementation of the teaching and learning of all classics subjects throughout Liverpool and surrounding areas.  Our primary focus is to embed Latin into the primary curriculum in the city to help strengthen literacy.

The Liverpool Classics Network was only established in October 2016, and following the appointment of the Hub Coordinator and advisory board, much of the remainder of 2016 was spent setting up a social media presence, building a website and developing a network of contacts in Liverpool and the wider classics community.

Our overall achievements to date are:

  • Minimus training planned for mid February 2017 for 10-15 teachers from a broad range of Liverpool Primary schools.
  • All Primary Heads in Liverpool have been made aware of the Network and the opportunities that Minimus Latin has for their curriculum.
  • Strengthening links with Liverpool University Schools Classics Project (LSCP), to support and develop their outreach work.
  • Developing marketing materials for LSCP/Liverpool College Greek Academy to ensure we reach out to all schools in the city.
  • Opportunity developed and promoted for 2 Classics trainees on a School Direct ITT programme jointly run by Liverpool College and Hope University.
  • Minimus training planned for March 2017 for between 15-20 PG primary trainee teachers from Hope University.

The Liverpool Classics Network is supported by the Rushworth Foundation.


Lead Contact:

Alice Case – Hub Coordinator

Hub Website:

Social Media:

Twitter: @livclassicshub