Network Co-ordinator: Alex Imrie,

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For decades, classics has been on the fringes of Scotland’s schools. Only around 500-600 pupils sit exams in Latin or classical studies annually, mostly from fee-paying schools. In 2017, CASN was founded to address this gap, offering free Continuing Professional Development, training and resources for any state school interested in teaching classical subjects. The network serves 32 local authority areas and works with four different universities.

Since 2017, we have built bridges between schools, universities and local authorities, encouraging the sustainable growth of classics in schools for pupils from all backgrounds. To date, our key achievements include:

  • working with seven primary schools across Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeenshire and Argyll and Bute, to introduce Latin on the curriculum or as an after-school club.
  • setting up a national network for classics teachers that meets twice annually to share experiences and resources, drawing teachers and university lecturers closer together.
  • revising existing teaching materials for the Higher Classical Studies syllabus, and liaising with the Scottish Qualifications Authority regarding classical languages.
  • supporting three qualified teachers to retrain and gather sufficient credits to certify as Classical Studies.
  • playing a leading role in reviving teacher training in Latin and classical studies in Scotland. From 2021, up to five new classics teachers will be trained each year.
  • running a Greek and Latin Summer School.

In 2020-2021 we will encourage more schools to pilot extra-curricular classics clubs as a stepping-stone towards offering classics on the curriculum. Plans include:  

  •  a series of free online seminars introducing big topics (classical languages, ancient history, classical archaeology and classical reception etc.) between August 2020 and June 2021.
  • work with Glasgow City Council to train more schools to launch classics.
  • offering two more teachers the training to qualify as accredited Classical Studies teachers.
  • recruiting new primary and secondary schools to the Scottish network.
  • collaboration with the National Museums of Scotland on a video and resource packs to complement the Higher Classical Studies syllabus.
  • two Continuing Professional Development afternoons bringing schoolteachers and university academics together

If you are interested in introducing classics in your school, please contact Alex Imrie.