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Ad Familiares contributions published during 2023 are listed here:

Baldwin, Baldwin, Some quirky definitions in Liddell and Scott

Barnes, Jonathan, Aristotle in Afghanistan?

Butterfield, David, A New Text of an Ancient Classic

Clackson, James, Only Connect

Gibbs, Marion, How did Cicero survive?

Greensmith, Emma, Homeric Epic in Christian Heaven, or The Curious Case of The Vision of Dorotheus

Halliwell, Stephen, From the Sublime to the Ridiculous?

Hunt, Steven, Why speaking Latin is good for you

Keeline, Tom, Ronald Knox (1888–1957)—the Wittiest Classical Versifier of the Twentieth Century

Liddel, Peter, Ancient Athenian Inscriptions and their Audiences

Pulleyn, Simon, A Linguistic Approach to Classics

Whitton, Chris, Tacitus Annals 14

Woodman, Tony, Texts in Latin